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  1. joeboxerboy

    What is the best brands for Boxer Shorts

    AE are awesome or Joe boxer
  2. joeboxerboy


    I usually jerk off at night before bed or on the weekends when I wake up too. Usually just wearing boxers, I love pulling my c**k thru the fly or over the waistband! Typically clean up on a pair I wore the previous day
  3. joeboxerboy

    buying boxers

    Joe boxer!! I have over 80 pairs LOL
  4. joeboxerboy


    Professional truck driver, sag a bit when I'm delivering to a customer, lots of sag while I'm driving
  5. sagging some joeboxerboxerbriefs on swvideochat come and watch

  6. joeboxerboy

    Tyler's Sagging Videos

    I love the vids! Especially the ones with the Joe boxers!! So hot
  7. joeboxerboy


    Theirs a few post about this already. Mines nitroshaun
  8. joeboxerboy

    Favorite Brand of Boxers or BBs?

    I wear boxers 90 % of the time, they are Joe Boxer or American Eagle. American Eagle trunks for the other 10%
  9. joeboxerboy

    Where do you live?

    Canada here!! just west of Toronto
  10. New album is up online check it out!!

  11. Just uploaded new album check it out when it gets approved

  12. New pics coming soon loads of New Joe boxer boxers!!

  13. joeboxerboy

    Dream Cars

    of course its going to be diesel, fully loaded with a 6 speed manual tranny. I have always wanted the above one but currently own a pretty nice 1500 hemi
  14. joeboxerboy

    Dream Cars

    Well everyone wants cars, but if cars are not your thing like me i want a truck! 1) Dodge Ram 3500 Mega cab Dually with a huge trailer to haul around my Corvette! 2) Z 06 corvette
  15. joeboxerboy

    Who Drives On Sw?

    I drive, and own a vehicle. I got my license when i was 17, did the drivers training which helps with decreasing your insurance premiums. But owning and insuring a vehicle is pretty expensive, now factor in the price of gas currently and any maintainance that may be required adds up quick!! but when i did get my license i havent taken public transit since that day. I currently hold an "A" class license in Ontario which lets me drive a tractor trailer, which i do daily! In the states that license is refered to as a commercial drivers license for you americans on the site. But driving is very fun so i believe everyone needs their license!

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