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  1. There's a lot of overlap between sagging and wedgies. Lots of content creators here, on Instagram, and elsewhere are into both of them. A lot comes up if you search "wedgie" on Saggerworld. Xag just posted new sagging pics earlier today, and he's been wedgie fetish royalty since the OG days. https://www.saggerworld.com/gallery/image/130642-1136876c-c1b8-43a5-b03f-567fed936d2f_1_201_a_resultjpg/ The overlap makes rational sense, they're both specific types of underwear fetish, same reason lots of people here are into other underwear and clothing-related fetishes. One obvious point in commo
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  2. I wish it was that I couldn’t keep my hands to myself, but I’m too polite for that, and a solid group of guy friends is not something I had growing up. I had always been into sagging, a couple years ago I had a sagging instagram mainly during the initial start of the pandemic, and through communities I was able to get to the wedgie side. It was AtomicMyBriefs’s daily atomics that sold it for me and MNWedgieBoy on tumblr that solidified the kink lol. as for a story? Idk. I remember being young and, while wearing blue boxer shorts, asked my friend Jeremy for a wedgie when we are playin
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  4. Story tax! Any good ones?
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  5. 🎼Head, shoulders, knees and toes... Knees and toes!
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  6. You know what wont be out of hand, your underwear once I pull it
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