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    Longline t-shirts are great if you want to hide the underwear but still sag. This might sound daft, but i kinda like telling whether or not the dude in question is sagging underneath it. Although, obviously i do however prefer the underwear on full display for the world to see. I especially love a good belt sag. It's also hot seeing dudes with their belts unbuckled. Idk why but it's hot.
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    can you take screenshots? it appears the video is only available in germany
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    Yeah, Lee249, the underwear on display is more exciting!
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    Personally I just find it super hot to pull up a guys underwear up thier ass lol
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    The best topic title EVER! 😂 Sometimes left, sometimes right. Sometimes up when rock hard because sagging excites me 😊
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    You are not 13-16 and it’s creepy that you’re searching for that age range. Your profile pics clearly depicts someone in their 40-60s... it also depicts a hard p***s... which if you’re actually under the age of 40 (which I highly doubt) and even more so under the age of 18 (which is a stretch) then it’s child pornography and should be removed from the site! Figure your life out... and stop looking for children! It’s borderline criminal! @flameboard / @TheOther1 this profile needs review. If it’s actually a 13-16 year old... he needs to have his account removed because of the bulge pics which is inappropriate and disgusting... borderline child pornography and should not be harbored in this community... or if it’s the age range that I’m guessing 40-60... it’s even worse because he’s a pedophile... which means he should also be removed from the site. I’ve posted his profile pic... it’s clearly not a 13-16 year old. He’s disgusting! Look at the hands, the body shape... I’m not shaming but that’s not a youthful body... clearly! People like this cannot be harbored in any community!
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    He’s so ******* hot I love it those abs are to die for (drooling)
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    Right, Matt: location of the back pockets, and certainly the crotch, pretty much give it away. Just that the long shirt makes it less obvious. Kinda.
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    Yep agreed. Kinda weird title, since it's impossible to sag without anyone being able to notice the sag.
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    Easiest solution is to go to long Tshirts that cover below your waistband. Can't suggest a size because I don't know how tall you are, but Large long works for some guys; XXL longs for a lot of guys - who are tall enough so it doesn't look like a skirt. Rationale for the oversize T's: you like the feeling of the looseness. I tried that at home, and long flannel shirts, NOT TUCKED IN, during the winters. If my (very conservative, very strict) parents knew, they never once said anything about my sagging. And I HAD TO be conservative around them . .. and, since we lived in a fairly small town, around anybody who might notice and casually mention it to one of my parents, both of whom were active in community things. . . Any help . . . or at least, consolation? Hey, forgot to ask: how low do you want to sag? Just at the bottom of the pouch of bbs, or briefs - or that level if you're wearing boxers? Or lower?
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    A few days ago, I created a YouTube channel for sagging, I invite you all to take a look! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC47ZfqD-B4Q1XJWYWkPmasA?view_as=subscriber
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    Nice ass n sag 💯 Thanks
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