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  1. Tell me other to do😜
    25 points
  2. From 4.00 to 4.40 of a young lad sagging white calvins with his skateboard.
    18 points
  3. Zach Sagging Part 2. I reached out to him to send me this one so you're welcome 😉 I
    16 points
  4. some plaid Hanes, Bills jersey, Affliction jeans and forces
    16 points
  5. Hey fellow saggers and sagger admirers! I have started a sagging Instagram with my boyfriend (@hotaussiesaggers) 😁 I have mentioned it before but sometimes people ask for new content and don’t know about it! We have been super busy but will post more pics on there soon. We hope you enjoy it 😏💦
    15 points
  6. Oh no! My jeans take down my bbf🤪
    14 points
  7. 14 points
  8. Just me sagging in my kitchen!!
    13 points
  9. Yesterday’s sag
    12 points
  10. I hear You, can be dangerous, but gay wooded cruise areas can be good places to find hott saggers. Do it all the time. Found my boy there and other hotties who gets repeats.
    12 points
  11. Outside shirtless saggin all day
    10 points
  12. Short red shirt? Brown joggers, no pullstrings, and grey striped fruit of the loom briefs. They slide down like a dream!
    10 points
  13. Somebody posted a clip from this episode, and I had to share! (Go to 6:45 for the best part) https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1xqbit
    9 points
  14. Taking a morning drive around the town
    9 points
  15. Today’s outfit and sag.
    9 points
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