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    You all need to check this one out!
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    Walking around the city tonight I saw about 8 saggers. One guy walking my me had a Gucci belt right at his croch, another guy was sitting in the window of a cafe saggin below the butt showing off his shorts. Really horny!
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    Some nice saggers in last week's episodes: - Very low latino sagger from 52:00 to 53:28. See the screenshots below - 2 hot saggers from 9:26 to 11:50 - Hot sagger from 39:31 to 40:35
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    This guy does lots of challenges, sags a fair bit. Sagging at the beginning where he then pulls up his joggers and at 11:41, sagging on top of the world!
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    If you love the content, start saving it. When most of those images are gone, they may never be seen again. If I come across great pics and vids, I save them. On youtube, I used to just add vids to playlists and when they were either removed or deleted, they were gone. So I download them all. Great preservation. Most of them are all now removed from youtube.
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    A lot of nice sags in the music video. Don't know what they're saying.
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    Starting at :1:08 and then 1:58 !
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    I once met a guy who was into wool pullovers - didn’t really get it...
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    Cool vid with Hot Sagging 👖⬇😎
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    2 nice saggers in Live PD's last episode. Here is the link to watch the episode: - First sagger at the beginning, between 01:59 and 03:55. Sag getting lower and lower as he's walking. - Second one is sagging incredibly low. See him at 1:42:52-1:44:30 and 1:51:23-1:53:10.
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    Very hot at 3:26!!!!! 😍😍😍
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    Cum In The Ass - with someone i'm in love with and gives permission (not that it's something i'd ever consider doing) OMG grosss. Over ass is usually fine or facial lol Halloween or Fireworks?
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    Some great sags in this video: He is sagging below **** throughout the video and offers great views at 2:16, 2:39 and 3:21. In this video, Lil Lito is not sagging really low but his mate is!
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    From the album: Bonds boxers

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    From the album: one undiz :)

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    Aside from sagging, my other big fetishes are leather (massive turn on!), shiny sports gear (Adidas Chile etc), shiny satin boxers, trainers, studded belts...
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    It's when I sagg with my freegun's boxerbriefs

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