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  1. Hi,how are you?How do you do the hypnotizing?

  2. heh I'm a bit curious about the hypnotizing thing, im me, wafflegasm36

  3. Hey man how do you do this hypnotizing stuff??

  4. hey mate, id like to learn how to do this hypnotizing business, add me to msn, koopatrooper@hotmail.com

  5. Yes, I have a story to relate. Wanna chat? Hit me up on my profile and we find a way too.

  6. Yes, we can most definitely have a chat on it...continue leaving me messages.

  7. Name: Billy Age: 23 Height: 5''11 Weight: 150lbs Style: Not sure I have one. Sexuality: Gay Hobbies: hypnotizing straight boys Location: Maryland
  8. Hiya! That is a party trick id luv to learn-especially round here at bondi-lots of hot saggers around!!-Any chance of having a chat on that subject?-Stay cool!-J

  9. I find a sagger, begin the hypnosis process without him knowing, then get him to pull those pants down and become my little *****. Every str8 guy I have in my life and not in my life is at my whim. Hehe.
  10. so u have a story 2 relate?

  11. I've recently gotten into the hobby of hypnosis and let me tell you. There's nothing like hypnotizing a sagger. Hehe.
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