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  1. Happy birthday mate :0)

  2. Pink Floyd, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, anything old really. Basically most new music is S***ty and has barely any meaning. I hate rap with a passion (dont mind eminem for S***s and giggles though).
  3. I have a sneaker fetish too

  4. You could also try to pull him away from his friends or wait til his friends are all gone and then tell him.
  5. Good idea steve. But also listen to the other guy who said make sure he is bi first. It seems to me that these days "everyone" is bi or something, so make sure he actually is so you dont come out to some dude whos actually posing to make himself seem cool. You could also invite him over one day and then say your bored and ask if hed like to play dares, and take it from there.
  6. Just tell him in private that your bi, and ask that he doesnt tell anyone. Least if he does tell everyone you can salvage the situation by saying your only bi, or you think your bi, or by trying to say it was just a joke.
  7. hahaha, thatd be hot. also, it turns out it was all an act. eminem and the borat guy organised it beforehand.
  8. im pretty sure when you get a new browser it asks if you want it to be your default + do you want to bring over your bookmarks, so i dont think you would lose them if you switched to firefox.
  9. Ive got a bit of a chav fetish goin on, even though im not from britain, hahaha.
  10. vista will never crap out. ha HA!
  11. Im using xp, never got vista cause everything i heard said it was ****. Ive got a wii, but i mainly play tf2 and css on the computer. I heard windows 7 is like vista without the bugs, is that true or am i skipping it again. And whos to say that if i do get windows 7 they wont just bring out another one a year or so later like theyve done with vista?
  12. take some pics before ya go.
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