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  1. thanks guy¡ your pics are fine too¡ my e-mail is follamiculo84@hotmail.es . add me and we can chat or cam

  2. Hey dude! Your pics and shirt and bball shorts are freakin awesome! would love to chat with ya man.

  3. hey whats up dude? how you been?

  4. I see how this is going to go.... it was nice talking to you anyways.

  5. and hello to you as well.....where have you been hiding? tried to txt you buddy.........

  6. hey man whats up. been real busy. how u doin. when am i gon get that phone call

  7. hey i have new pix up

  8. Hey! I'm glad u like the new photos. I emailed you some pictures so you can have the maine copies...

    Thanks for the emails!!!

  9. hey, show us the new shorts that u told me about. please.

  10. hey, i didn't get the email. try to send it again.

    peace love and chicken greese

  11. hey man you like saggin bball shorts?

  12. hey dude you said you posted some pics?


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