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  1. AutumnPatriarch

    Nice Short Movie

    I saw this not too long ago. Actully kind of pleased to find it mentioned here lol. Sweet video though.
  2. AutumnPatriarch

    Ross Lynch

    He's so awesome lol
  3. AutumnPatriarch

    Pic Help?

    Where is the second pic in the banner from? I like it a lot,m but can't find it.
  4. AutumnPatriarch

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Okay, you guys have an awesome taste in music! I've been listening to Chiddy Bang a lot. - 4th Quarter - Mind Your Manners - Handclaps & Guitars
  5. hey man thx for the add ;) like ur pics

    1. AutumnPatriarch


      Thanks your pics are awesome too, though.

  6. AutumnPatriarch

    Ed Sheeran

    U.N.I. is my favorite song
  7. Tomorrow is gonna be awesome. SW Extra. Braces off. Possibility of a new job. :))

    1. CosmoBoy


      braces like the onces on the teeth ? wow, bet you're gonna party hard to celebrate ! XD

    2. AutumnPatriarch


      Yupp :) You already know, huh? lol

    3. CosmoBoy


      yeeeaaaah, suffered 3 damn years, and partied so much the day the were taken off !!

  8. I just finished watching Eating Out: Drama Camp - whoever has netflix should watch it lol

  9. AutumnPatriarch

    Word Association Game

  10. Your pics are awesome dude :)

  11. LMAOOO! Just got my notifications today. Responded to the first message to realize it was from 2009 -__-

  12. AutumnPatriarch

    Turn on's

    I love boxers and good cologne. If you can have some unique boxers and a really great cologne on...

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