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  1. saggerjosh

    Word Association Game

  2. saggerjosh

    Word Association Game

  3. I keep them till they cant be worn anymore i have so many underwear now. If it dont have holes in it i dont get rid of it.
  4. saggerjosh

    Looking for other brands of underwear

    i love Ethikas.com. so comfy may take a min. to get used the length but they do have the short length now. but i love them they do not ride up like alot of bbriefs . Also have alot of different patterns or just the plain colors.
  5. saggerjosh

    Coronavirus outbreak

    but you wouldn't believe how many people still think tRump is the best president that has ever stepped into office. Still to this day.
  6. saggerjosh

    Underwear Survey

    I love ethika's so comfy.
  7. I go through those states all the time or u of I-29?

  8. saggerjosh

    Word Association Game

    Rock (band)
  9. saggerjosh

    What is your favorite colour?

    I like bright colors but i have a lot reds and grey.
  10. saggerjosh

    Word Association Game

  11. saggerjosh

    Colorado or Nebraska/Kansas Saggers

    Im on the NE and SD border.
  12. saggerjosh

    Word Association Game

  13. saggerjosh

    Word Association Game


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