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  1. They look alright, but got no idea, sorry.
  2. Yeah, everything about that is shady lol. Pants in one hand a rock in the other... I didn't notice the rock for is epic sag, another customer pointed out a man with a rock and it was him.. lol. He was pretty harmless though. He later said it was his pet rock.. mm ok.. lol
  3. Good for those neighbourhoods, but I don't think it will be what it was in the early 2000s though.
  4. Definitely. There is only one sure place to find a sagger around here these days and that's in the Sudanese community. I forgot that a one came in to work last night, was sagging so ridiculously low, like around his thighs, he was holding his pants up with one hand... but then a lot of those guys do that..
  5. It's definitely a fashion trend in sharp decline, in fact I'd say around here it's virtually extinct. It only survives in memory and around peoples homes by those that love it but don't want to out in public and do it. Although in saying that I saw a sagger today, he came through work, jeans, very low, it was amazing. Never seen him before and probably just passing through.... On avergae, I'd be lucky if I see maybe one a week. Even the local punkish/skater looking guy that sagged low doesn't sag very low these days... I'd say it ran its course, like other fashion trends over the yea
  6. If you're going beltless, maybe a natrually tight fit will help stay in place until you're more comfortable wearing pants at are more loose and will slip down more often?
  7. Yeah don't let it put you off, it makes you more vigilant, but hey, when I see it happen to other guys its the hottest thing ever haha.
  8. lol that's awesome. I totally understand how you feel. I've gone out without a belt a few times, had to empty my pockets of everything so there was no weight pulling my pants any lower than I wanted them. Satin boxers are shinny and pants do not grip to them at all... eeek. I don't make that mistake very often.. lol.
  9. Unless they're a goth, or emo and in 2020 those types of people are RARE, at least around my parts they are. Haven't seen one in a long time. If they paint their nails black, then I guess it comes with the fashion. For anyone else, I think it's weird, unless they're trans or something like that. I sometimes see people at work, not many, but enough that I notice it and I look at them like what the hell are you doing? It looks odd and seems weird. Each to their own I guess. While speaking of nails, am I the only guy that takes great care of them by filing them and sanding them into a p
  10. Boxer shorts usually have a button up fly. The button is a great indicator as to how low someone is sagging, when you see the button you know they're sagging low. Some of the best wardrobe malfunctions while sagging or just in boxers have been with the button undone. On two occaisions, I've seen a guys p***s pop out of their boxers because the button was undone. It was awesome and I'll forever remember it haha.
  11. Boxers are defs not for old people. I work in retail and people of all ages buy boxers and trunks..
  12. I work with a guy that sags, for a long time he didn't even wear a belt and while he's busy working I was always busy watching him do it. Recently he got a belt. He used to wear boxers, they were the best but now he wears trunks. Still nice to look at.
  13. I love satin boxers too. great feel and great colours and styles. Great to sag in when you're wearing something loose. Always likely to catch peoples eyes even if shown off unintetionally.
  14. What's the strangest thing you've come across? I know people are into all sorts of things that that's entriely up to them, I don't judge people for that. Other than the common ones, leather, underwear, unifroms etc, I recently came across one for balloons... I was like wtf? But it's an actual thing. Have you come across it? Is it your thing? If so, how did you get into it, curious about how that works.
  15. If you love the content, start saving it. When most of those images are gone, they may never be seen again. If I come across great pics and vids, I save them. On youtube, I used to just add vids to playlists and when they were either removed or deleted, they were gone. So I download them all. Great preservation. Most of them are all now removed from youtube.
  16. For me, sagging and boxers has been a long time interest, but thought I might start a discussion about what other things interest you? For me, I like urban exploration, a bit of photography, pop culture, some skateboarding and I like cars and other types of transport, like buses.. What's everyone else into?
  17. Any UK saggers in the London area? 

  18. I find it funny when I sometimes go to watch mates play sport, usually soccer, Aussie rules or Basket ball, that some of their other team mates wear boxers too and you can see them either massively poking out from under their shorts, bunched up above their waist, or you see seem them through their sport shorts. Its kinda hot to watch.
  19. Hiding boners is probs the main reason.
  20. Hmmmmmm. Blow jobs? lol haha bit eww though. Breakfast tray: Teak or Mahogany?
  21. Dolphines. Boy bands or Girl bands?
  22. lol How do you get car from Catacomb?? Anyway, motor.
  23. wow, that's hot. I sag when I wear trackies because I only really wear them around at home or if I go out locally for something.
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