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  1. I masturbated in middle school and high school in class. I could get away with it in classes where people were either very tired like my history class after lunch or the reading class. I would jerk and cum through my pants and underwear and just wear it out like that for the rest of the day. I didn't really jerk in college classes but I had a dorm to jerk in and I had bf's who were more than happy to assist me by then.
  2. I have kept a saggerworld.com window up on my desktop so I don't miss anything and hoping to get to back to things I enjoy such as this. I haven't uploaded for a while but I am posting on Instagram as @tymonvlad. 

  3. Public places are hot, gyms locker rooms are hot, in car can be hot too.
  4. Underwear, sagging, feet, also like wedgies but wouldn't necessarily call it a fetish.
  5. I'm a medium for comfort. I can wear some smalls.
  6. Love it when I see lines thru guys shorts anywhere. Especially when u see a guy who you wouldn't think wears briefs but bam! u see the lines on his nice ass.
  7. Hey man welcome to saggerworld. Its always nice too see new guys who like sagging just as much as we do.
  8. I wore briefs till I was 10 and then went to boxers and boxer briefs. I did it mostly for gym reasons. I slowly wore more briefs over time but then wore them a lot less when I turned 16 which was my last gym year in high school. Over the years I tried many kids until now where I mostly wear (and sag) briefs, but also boxer briefs, bikinis, thongs, and maybe a few cartoon boxers. I would never stop wearing briefs just because of pressure.
  9. need some pics on your gallery bud.

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