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  1. VLADtymon

    Masturbating At School

    I masturbated in middle school and high school in class. I could get away with it in classes where people were either very tired like my history class after lunch or the reading class. I would jerk and cum through my pants and underwear and just wear it out like that for the rest of the day. I didn't really jerk in college classes but I had a dorm to jerk in and I had bf's who were more than happy to assist me by then.
  2. I have kept a saggerworld.com window up on my desktop so I don't miss anything and hoping to get to back to things I enjoy such as this. I haven't uploaded for a while but I am posting on Instagram as @tymonvlad. 

  3. VLADtymon

    Ice Cream Sagging 🍦

    Sexy jeans, underwear, and slides.
  4. VLADtymon


  5. VLADtymon

    Wedgie and sagger fetish

    Public places are hot, gyms locker rooms are hot, in car can be hot too.
  6. VLADtymon


    Underwear, sagging, feet, also like wedgies but wouldn't necessarily call it a fetish.
  7. VLADtymon

    Sagging at the Zoo

    Just watched it. It's hot.
  8. VLADtymon


    Still very hot even if upside down.
  9. VLADtymon


    Wanna touch your sag and your feet
  10. VLADtymon

    Favriote BBFs

    HoT sag and hot feet.
  11. VLADtymon

    Stolen your friends or random guy underwear

    No, you have a sexy hobby.
  12. VLADtymon

    Underwear Size

    I'm a medium for comfort. I can wear some smalls.
  13. VLADtymon

    Sagging DKNY briefs.

    Very hot my friend.
  14. Possible hand grab of undies when u push him.
  15. VLADtymon


    Same thing man

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