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  1. MelbSag

    satin boxers

    Yep! Love em!
  2. MelbSag

    satin boxers

    I love satin boxers too. great feel and great colours and styles. Great to sag in when you're wearing something loose. Always likely to catch peoples eyes even if shown off unintetionally.
  3. What's the strangest thing you've come across? I know people are into all sorts of things that that's entriely up to them, I don't judge people for that. Other than the common ones, leather, underwear, unifroms etc, I recently came across one for balloons... I was like wtf? But it's an actual thing. Have you come across it? Is it your thing? If so, how did you get into it, curious about how that works.
  4. MelbSag

    Tumblr to ban all "Pornographic" material

    If you love the content, start saving it. When most of those images are gone, they may never be seen again. If I come across great pics and vids, I save them. On youtube, I used to just add vids to playlists and when they were either removed or deleted, they were gone. So I download them all. Great preservation. Most of them are all now removed from youtube.
  5. MelbSag

    Embarrassing Erections

    Met a guy in a club, it wasn't all that dark, I got a massive erection, couldn't hide it in my boxers and my friends noticed. That was kinda awkward. I went to the theater to see a show, they were a bunch of amatures, it was cringe and in one of the scenes some kid cracked a fat in his pjs, everyone saw it, they laughed and he knew it and he had to carry on, he was embarrassed as.. When I was younger, swimming lessons, the instructor had one of the guys I was learning with get out of the pool and lay down on his back by the waters edge so he could demonstrate the arm movements. He was wearing his togs/speedos and he cracked a fat also, the girls giggled and the poor instructor knew it and carried on, the poor kid was so embarrassed.. lol
  6. For me, sagging and boxers has been a long time interest, but thought I might start a discussion about what other things interest you? For me, I like urban exploration, a bit of photography, pop culture, some skateboarding and I like cars and other types of transport, like buses.. What's everyone else into?
  7. Any UK saggers in the London area? 

  8. MelbSag

    Boxers And Sports

    I find it funny when I sometimes go to watch mates play sport, usually soccer, Aussie rules or Basket ball, that some of their other team mates wear boxers too and you can see them either massively poking out from under their shorts, bunched up above their waist, or you see seem them through their sport shorts. Its kinda hot to watch.
  9. MelbSag

    Briefs Under Boxers

    Hiding boners is probs the main reason.
  10. MelbSag

    A Or B?

    Hmmmmmm. Blow jobs? lol haha bit eww though. Breakfast tray: Teak or Mahogany?
  11. MelbSag

    A Or B?

    Dolphines. Boy bands or Girl bands?
  12. MelbSag

    Word Association Game

    lol How do you get car from Catacomb?? Anyway, motor.
  13. MelbSag

    Catching People Checking You Out

    wow, that's hot. I sag when I wear trackies because I only really wear them around at home or if I go out locally for something.
  14. MelbSag

    What are you wearing right now?

    Baggy black trackies, white tshirt and red satin boxers.
  15. MelbSag

    Word Association Game


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