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  1. love the new pics! you have a fantastic ass!

  2. hi

    i tried to find you on skype, but sagger.jules doesn't excist

    1. TeenFrenchSagger


      no I was talking about kik

  3. Don't ask me anymore A.S.L, this is not a dating site.

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    2. CaptainPanther


      Oh my days...arguments over A S L. i wouldn't worry too much bendover. I get asked every single time even thought its on my profile..ALOT of people on here are interested and looking to hook up. You obviously are not as am I no looking to hook up. Your right not to tell any one your age or not. I only chose to to deter some of the younger element from engaging in what i think is unacceptable communitcation. Good luck to you, keep your profile as you wish and also say as you wish. Keep sag...

    3. bendover


      You too, bro.. Respect!!

  4. All you sexy boys on here and all out of reach :(

  5. Anybody up for having their buttocks fondled? For research purposes of course.

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    2. bendover


      As soon as you enrol :P

    3. SaggerEmber


      How do I enroll? Send me the application, I'll fill it out and send it back within the half-hour heh

  6. My face is comfortable, come sit on it. :P

  7. Summer's here!. So let that sag get a little lower ;)

    1. Guest


      show me how low! ;)

    2. bendover


      Naughty boy ^^

  8. Looking for a younger man! Feel free to Inbox me. ;)

  9. Looking for a younger man. Inbox me with your CV !

  10. Would anybody like me to massage their buttocks?

  11. A low sag is a happy sag ;-)

  12. Happy Valentines Day my boys ;)

  13. Happy Valentines Day my boys ;)

  14. Hello, my boys.. Sagging low is the way to go!!

  15. Happy New Year to all my boys x

    1. flameboard


      Happy New Year to you too mate!

    2. bendover


      Thanks Flameboard.. we look forward to seeing some more of your hot sags in 2013!

    3. flameboard


      HAHA uploading first now :D

  16. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my boys! ;-)

    1. bendover


      ^ who's counting? ;-) xx

      And thanks alexmac92 xx

  17. Hello my boys ;-) I'm here for you.

  18. love talking to u :P check your inbox ;)

  19. Hello my boys. I'm here for you ;-)

  20. Hello boys... uncles here for u ;-)

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