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  1. Hey everyone! Follow my Xtube and Onlyfans for new videos and other content ;)



  2. any other aussie saggers on here? 

  3. Mate, when are you gonna post some new pics? You're sooo hot and them sags are literally OMG. Just had to say :thumbup1:

    1. HotAussieSagger
    2. Lee249


      I miss your pics dude! 😉

  4. God, your ass needs a massive 7 or so" up your butt cheeks 😉

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. HotAussieSagger


      a proud slut haha. F**** yeah man, id be all over that sag :drool:

    3. Lee249


      Mate, would love to hook up with you! You're an amazing lad and them sags are always sensational 👌

    4. HotAussieSagger


      Yeah man, hopefully one day we can hoooooook up!

  5. hey bro, i might be comin to melbourne again in august, let me know if u wanna hangout and do some saggin

  6. Hey HotAussie ;)

    what about a New Hot Vid? Maybe a New Album soon? 

    Half a year since your last pics :(

  7. I lurve you!!!! Enough said :)

    1. HotAussieSagger


      Haha thanks, I appreciate your comments ;)

    2. Lee249


      Hi there hottie. I believe it would be simpler if i gave you 5***** across the board in future lol. PHWOARss!! :D x

  8. Congratulations your my Sagger of the YEAR for 2014!

  9. Had to drop by and say how much i LOVE the new pics. They're all incredible mate. Laterz x

    1. HotAussieSagger


      haha thanks man, always good to hear feedback! x

  10. HotAussieSagger

    Butt Sniffing

  11. Just wanted to say great pics mate. Looking hot in all of them!!

  12. HotAussieSagger

    Sagger Sagging Purple Boxerbriefs And Black Skinny Jeans

    Haha this is me! Glad you like it guys

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