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    Just an average fun 42yrs young guy who likes to see sexy saggers, and sags too. I Love trackie saggers, Boxershorts, and BBs. I am a london guy who's a bit of a cheeky chappy, fun loving and youthful:-)
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  1. Hi chaps sorry I've been absent from the group over the past month or so. I've been working so hard and getting some of that life back in social circles....but I am here 😉

    1. Lee249


      It's OK Captain... We won't throw you in the brig 🤣







    2. CaptainPanther


      No that's where your headed hog tied and all... lol

  2. Check your golden ticket aka inbox fella 😀 x


    1. CaptainPanther


      Would you mind not leaving your deposits in my inbox LOL 😂😂🤣🤣🤣 I have to clear it up lol

  3. LOL but your the one everyone thinks of when wedgies are mentioned 😉
  4. Not sure I get many boners when sagging as it's just the norm for me but the occasional stud who passes by with a glimpse of underwear does give me a hard on. I only really pre cum if I've been edging the day away. Who bumped this naughty subject? LOL
  5. You tart LOL 🤣😂🤣🤣
  6. Captain, your first officer is being insubordinate. See inbox for the next course of action to be taken 😜 x 


  7. Yeah I don't see that pick up line working in reality... could end up with a smack in the mush for the effort LOL 🤣
  8. I'm so bored I could chew my fingernails off. What's everyone up to this Tuesday evening? 😉

    1. JackoSagg


      Just chilling here. Hit me up if you wanna talk :)

    2. SaggersRhot


      Nothing here either. Just a cold, damp rainy day.

    3. Lee249


      Chewing fingernails off is not a healthy advertisement dude lol. Hope you found something 😉


  9. Off out to a party tonight yep Sunday night 😘 but not getting too smashed work tomorrow...ughhh 

    1. Daddysgums
    2. CaptainPanther


      I did thank you. I was a good boy, no hang over today 😉

  10. Oh god these...I love these they go with everything I wear and the ever present fly hole adds easy access advantage 😉
  11. I most certainly have had sex while sagging, mostly frot sex making eachother nut inside them underwear. Pretty intense feeling with the material rubbing between your shlongs. 😉 😈
  12. I occasionally may lick my own off my fingers, but I have to be really into some one to eat there's or swallow it. LOL
  13. Standing or kneeling orgasm's are the best...until my legs tremble lol 😉

    1. Lee249


      All about the timing 😉

    2. CaptainPanther


      I've got timing @Lee249 trust me. You obviously haven't had one of mine. They're so intense I have to brace up to something or I'll collapse lol 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  14. Chilling on the couch even with the flu... 😉

    1. CaptainPanther
    2. Emohotboy


      Take care mate, I hope it is not the coronavirus lol 

    3. CaptainPanther


      No it's not I've had covid twice. It's definitely a cold. @Emohotboy Thanks...

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