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  1. I'd love to do this but can't garantee they'd come back without spunk in them....pmsl nah not really they'd be washed before returning.
  2. I've been giving permission by @CaptainPanther to write this message on his page on behalf of why he has not been online lately.

    So here goes. What can I say about our Captain Panther? He caring , kind, sexy and a very hot sagger.  But in the months leading to the end of 2021 he faced everyone's worst nightmare. 

    He nearly lost his husband due to covid . He was so bad that he needed alot of care. I can thankfully say that Captain's husband is much better . 

    But now @CaptainPanther needs us . What he went through has left him emotionally drained. He's a wreck.  Some days he can't  hold it together as he had to be strong and keep everything going.  

    I may live on other side of the world from him but ive been doing my best to   support him when I could through messages. 

    So that's why he hasn't been on lately. 

    Now Captain Panther a message to you . I hope you get better soon bro and pick yourself up again .  I'm sure I speak for everyone on here that we would like to see new sags from you soon. All the best and you know where to message me when you need to Captain. 

    So here's to 2022 being a happy healthy joyous year for us all 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Andrew_Smiley94


      Wow that’s shocking to hear about his husband… I’m glad he survived it… 

      I hope @CaptainPanther keeps himself together… he might consider a therapist if there’s any in UK…. I was told by my parents to see a therapist when I got caught going on sites or social media I’m not supposed to be using like Kik…

      Give him our thoughts and I hope this year will be better! Happy New Year! 🎉🎉

    3. CaptainPanther


      Oh wow!!!! Thank you so much for the love @Rbentley, @Astg94 and @Lee249 I'm truly over whelmed at your kindness. I will be back properly soon I just need a little more time. I'm just burnt out and need to get my mojo back. Once again guys thank you so so much 😊

    4. Lee249


      Awww we're all here for you sweetie. Feel better soon x 

  3. Just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas 🎄☃️ my sexy man 

    1. CaptainPanther


      Sorry for late reply,,, into the new year I wasn't on over December much and only just see this. Thank you buddy 😗

  4. Wow I log back in after a week to over 200 notifications. You guys have been busy. Now to read through them all LOL 🤣😂😂😂

    1. Daddysgums


      Great to see you back mate missed ya

    2. Andrew_Smiley94


      200+ notifications is a lot! 😂🤣… when I log in every morning, I get between 5 and 50+ notifications… although with new post of pictures added, it makes the notifications go higher than the usual.

  5. Hi chaps sorry I've been absent from the group over the past month or so. I've been working so hard and getting some of that life back in social circles....but I am here 😉

    1. Lee249


      It's OK Captain... We won't throw you in the brig 🤣







    2. CaptainPanther


      No that's where your headed hog tied and all... lol

  6. Check your golden ticket aka inbox fella 😀 x


    1. CaptainPanther


      Would you mind not leaving your deposits in my inbox LOL 😂😂🤣🤣🤣 I have to clear it up lol

  7. LOL but your the one everyone thinks of when wedgies are mentioned 😉
  8. Not sure I get many boners when sagging as it's just the norm for me but the occasional stud who passes by with a glimpse of underwear does give me a hard on. I only really pre cum if I've been edging the day away. Who bumped this naughty subject? LOL
  9. Captain, your first officer is being insubordinate. See inbox for the next course of action to be taken 😜


  10. Yeah I don't see that pick up line working in reality... could end up with a smack in the mush for the effort LOL 🤣
  11. I'm so bored I could chew my fingernails off. What's everyone up to this Tuesday evening? 😉

    1. JackoSagg


      Just chilling here. Hit me up if you wanna talk :)

    2. SaggersRhot


      Nothing here either. Just a cold, damp rainy day.

    3. Lee249


      Chewing fingernails off is not a healthy advertisement dude lol. Hope you found something 😉


  12. Off out to a party tonight yep Sunday night 😘 but not getting too smashed work tomorrow...ughhh 

    1. Daddysgums
    2. CaptainPanther


      I did thank you. I was a good boy, no hang over today 😉

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