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  1. Sagging my jeans outside during winter is getting more and more difficult.

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    2. Lee249


      Is there another addition to the snow family this xmas Flame. A bird tells me..... :D

    3. Sagonmyface


      That's why I love Summer. No shirt and sagging. It doesn't really get that cold here but it's still not as fun in Winter.

    4. Lee249


      I agree. No shirt and sagging is precisely the reason why summer is so enjoyable lol. Beaches are the best for sightings especially at the height of the season during July/August. Festivals are another example for fantastic sightings.

  2. SaggerTeen


    'Sup people? I'm brand new here, and I feel bombarded with topics and don't know where to start, so I thought I'd just start simple and easy by creating a new topic. If this is somewhat of a wrong section, please move it! Name's Tim, I'm 19 and live in Europe. I'm bi, and sag because it's comfortable and hot. Basically I'm here because I'm wanting to get inspiration for sagging and discussing it and meet other people, plus have a place to hangout and chat about anything. Sagging-wise I live in a country where Jack and Jones and Bjorn Borg are the must-use brands, so I mostly sag using the loose-fit Boxy Powel JOS 059 (you can Google if you want to see how that looks) and a large variety of belts and boxers from Bjorn Borg and Jack and Jones. On a regular day, I keep my pants either half-way down the ass or a little bit further than that. This is because 1) People can see that I'm sagging. 2) Pure comfortable. 3) Holding my hands up, bending down or similar instantly makes my boxers visible. I'm hoping this is a forum for me, as it's the most-known discussion forum out there for sagging. I joined today, so my profile is pretty much boring, but I'll build it up as I go

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