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  1. damn you got hot and sexy sags

  2. shall I make a new album??


  4. Yo yo yo everyone check out my sagging contest :) If i get a lot of people posting I may double the prize and throw in a new album of me

    1. dmdm94



    2. manniberlin


      Rules should not be changed too often during comp... Lol

    3. dmdm94


      Ahhh well its a bit of fun not a serious contest, i just want people to get sagging more :)

    1. CaptainPanther


      Looks good I looked at the topic yesterday. Hope it takes off for you mate :-)

  5. Yeah the theme is "sagging" Right let the sagging begin......... you have till the 18th December. Good Luck :)
  6. Grade 8 Trumpet player, played it for 14 years
  7. Planning on starting this on the 8th December and run it until 18/12/14 so a ten day contest then the prize will be send hopefully in time for Christmas! I want a min entry of 20 people
  8. Was going to say who ever wins can have a pair of what ever they want and I will buy it and send it to them
  9. Yes! here we go, liking the effort everyone is willing to put in! and yeah anyone and everyone is welcome
  10. Good good, people are willing to get involved I am going to wait until a few more want to do it, then its game on!
  11. Lee, Yeah I am more than happy to do it :) Need to get as many people involved as we can
  12. Nice one man Looks like your going win the prize as no one else seems interested yet
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