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  1. hey skinnysagger98


    wow love your photos, low sagging awesome, and great colourful boxers, hot



  2. i will be honest don't do you or sagging justice, stick with boxerbriefs
  3. mmmmmmmmm very nice you look well hot in your briefs mark182
  4. very nice indeed, looks smart and really suits your face and glasses, a hot look, get the thumbs up from me
  5. Many, many years ago when they were in fashion I wore briefs all the time, then switched to boxers, and then to boxerbriefs, and I love my boxerbriefs I have always thought about wearing briefs again, but not brave enough, I do have some pairs but don't really wear them, just try them on now and then, to be honest I always find briefs a bit tight and not that comfortable, and not very good for sagging What type of briefs are you talking about ?
  6. wow, they are hot, don't have them but would love a belt like that, do you know where you get them and how much
  7. that's gross, and does not give sagging a good name
  8. i have to agree with you, the designs from a few years back were really funky, luckily I still have some unworn pairs from a few years back. Top Man boxers are such a great fit and really comfortable. I think some of the designs/print today are still really great. But need some really funky prints like a few years back. Top Man boxers rule
  9. classic hanes or fruit of the loom tighty whites, try those
  10. I like my Top Man boxerbriefs, in bright fancy prints, so comfortable, and great for showing off when sagging
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