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  1. I wear my my boxerbriefs with my boardshorts (when my parents aren't with me) and sag thrm about half ass
  2. I always do! I just strip down to what fits the temperature and go to bed in that. So, usually I sleep in just my boxers but if it's not so warm, I may keep on my t-shirt or in cold winter nights even my socks. And in the morning I just put the stuff on again, I don't change my boxers very often ;-)
  3. Hey there bringing this one back to the top - who else here likes to wear them quite long?
  4. Hey, just trying to push this one back up!
  5. I'm not into sniffing, but I love wearing my boxers for several days
  6. New home (maybe I'd answer car if I could drive...) Insult your crush or your best Friend?
  7. I once saw a girl sagging loose shorts with boy's boxers and wearing a really short and tight girl's top with that and it was soo hot!! so yes, it is ok! How low / what style do u sag?
  8. Do you wash your hands every time after pissing? No, moe often I don't than I do Do you wash your hands every time after crapping? Yes, every single time! How often do you change underwear? After 2-3 days, sometimes longer in the holidays How often do you shower? About as often as I change I really like it, too!! And also with my socks...
  9. Started at 11, I was playing with myself as I used to do for quite some time and suddenly BAM I'm on more than daily average since then
  10. Usually every other day, sometimes three, but in the holidays it can be up to 5 when i'm very lazy When you other guys wear them for more than one day do you wear them day and night like I do?
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