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  1. Hey your new pics  were awesome bro your totally working out and it shows mad sexy bro you never disappoint thanks for sharing 

  2. Just wanted to say hey to 9ne of the hottest saggers in here hands down 

  3. Happy Valentine's day to one of the hottest saggers in here fo real bro ❤️❤️

  4. Wanted to wish you a merry Christmas 🎄 you sexy mofo hehe

  5. Awesome I love sneakers also 

  6. Just had to say hey to one fine ass sagger Kaden I can't wait till you share new pics 

  7. Hey Kaden nice to see you online how you been buddy

  8. New pics posted in Random Sags gallery!

  9. Sagging Walmart employee attacked for his sag. Looks like a great sag to me!
  10. Check the US Snap A Sag threads for updates on the game!

  11. I've seen gay guys wearing them and the brand sponsors gay prides in the US plus they have a gay pride collection on their website, so I'll buy some for sure! https://2xist.com/collections/the-pride-collection
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