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  1. DanBrown258

    A Or B?

    Air con Shaved or bushy?
  2. DanBrown258

    Stolen boxers? Ever done it?

    I've got boxers from all sorts of different places and people. Some swapped, some swiped and one pair I genuinely accidentally picked up with my gym kit and only realised when I got home that I had someone's undies. I just love the smell of them and also the feeling of their worn undies against my skin when I wear them, especially if they are still warm or wet from cum or sweat. I had a straight crush from the age of around 13-20 and I even went as far as buying a triple pack of undies identical to ones he had and regularly swapped mine and his back and forth sometimes clean and sometimes worn lol.
  3. DanBrown258

    At What Age Did You Start Jacking Off?

    I was 10. I remember there was graffiti on a school drainpipe saying "I **** in bed" us lads were laughing and joking about it, even though I wasn't sure how to do it. That night in bed I remembered the movements the guys were doing and thinking about it made my boner shoot up. So I started stroling it and after a while bingo a small trickle of white came out. I went through puberty so young. By the age of 12 I had more chest and body hair than our PE teacher! I've also never stopped wanking like almost everyone else on here.
  4. I got a bl****b from a guy in a car park, he told me nobody ever goes there. Just as I'm unloading into his mouth a car pulls up a few feet from us and a middle aged woman gets out and starts walking her dog. Another time I used to go on a Dare website. Me and this US guy got friendly and we kept upping the stakes on where or how to cum. The upshot was I ended up cumming in the men's changing rooms at H&M in Oxford Circus London. Not been back since and not my finest hour lol
  5. DanBrown258


    If your butt could talk I would swear it is saying "rim me please"
  6. DanBrown258


    What time is it? I think it's three o'c**k o'clock I mean 😈
  7. DanBrown258


    That's a great big yes from me!
  8. DanBrown258

    Stolen your friends or random guy underwear

    Does it count as stealing if you buy a triple pack of identical undies to your mates and swap them back and forth with his on a regular basis without him knowing. Sometimes worn.
  9. DanBrown258

    Anyone into worn undies?

    Me too although I have had some success swapping with other bi or gay guys and have bought some from straight guys which was super hot too
  10. Hot sagging dude and thanks for following

  11. Thanks for following and wow I love your pics

  12. thanks for following

    1. Prowler905


      thanks for following as well

  13. DanBrown258

    "Borrowing" Roommate's Boxers

    I used to have a massive crush on my best friend. Whenever I went round to his place I was often in his bedroom alone if he went to get a drink or go for a pee. One day I noticed some new undies in a pile and noted the brand, just a UK supermarket own brand. That afternoon I went into town and looked for the same pair and bingo they were a triple pack. I discreetly marked the labels on mine and then started regularly swapping mine with his. It was so hot knowing each other's junk was resting where the other's had been. I'd been doing it for about 6 months when we were at mine changing and he started to freak out that I was wearing his undies. I opened my underwear drawer and showed him the two other pairs, one of which matched the pair he was wearing so he relaxed and just said what a coincidence. I never did confess but carried on swapping for 2-3 years. Of course I always tried to swipe his from the laundry basket, or if he had stayed at mine on a sleepover which was very regular, I'd wait until he was in the shower and swap the used pair he'd stuffed in his bag for the same looking pair of mine. Happy days.
  14. DanBrown258

    What are you wearing right now?

    What do you guys think? Sagging too much and does black boxer shorts and white jeans work?
  15. DanBrown258

    A Or B?

    Steal a pair of underwear and sag it in front of that person. I've actually done it twice irl Your hot crush sagging in your underwear or your hot crush sagging whilst freeballing

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