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  1. DanBrown258

    A Or B?

    Steal a pair of underwear and sag it in front of that person. I've actually done it twice irl Your hot crush sagging in your underwear or your hot crush sagging whilst freeballing
  2. DanBrown258

    Word Association Game

  3. DanBrown258

    A Or B?

    Boxers or Briefs Also Branded or unbranded
  4. DanBrown258

    younger with older

    HMU on kik and I might do Danb259 on there and Telegram
  5. DanBrown258

    Anyone into worn undies?

    I've got more underwear that belonged to others than ones I bought new. In fact just got 4 pairs yesterday from a hot 26 yr old flight attendant. All worn and musky
  6. Thanks for following stud

  7. DanBrown258

    younger with older

    I'd love to chill or more with these hotties
  8. I saw your story about giving a ate a bl****b outside Morrisons and wow. All I want to know is which Morrisons and can I be next haha

  9. DanBrown258

    younger with older

    I'm 48 and my bf is 24 and it works for both of us. We both find each other attractive and well the sex is amazing. I've always liked guys under 30 (yes has to be above the legal age or it's just sick) and never had a problem whenever I'm in London finding like minded younger guys in the past. HMU if you want to know more or would even fancy meeting.
  10. DanBrown258

    what would u guys do to me?

    I'd run my fingers across your bulge until you pumped your cum into your boxers
  11. DanBrown258

    shooting your spunk

    If we didn't have time for anything else my ex-FWB used to pull his boxers waistband forward and get me to cum inside them and over his **** and balls and then does his trousers back up. Sometimes he would ask me to do it down the back of his boxers instead. He said he just liked spending the day feeling my cum drying in his boxers

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