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  1. Oh, yeah, oops, um... ahem. Yeah, if you DON'T want wedgies, then what you want is a white shirt, wear brightly colored boxers, get them nice and puffy over your belt, then you'll be totally safe. Right. 🤣 Oh hey, and look, you dropped your wallet.
  2. Lol, don't wear white shirts then. Sometimes you can see through well enough to wedgie someone anyway. 🤣
  3. You could say the same about a sagger's pants blocking part of the view, no? I think the tease is part of what makes it special. 😁
  4. +1 for tight clothes, and strangely enough, it's hotter for me if the guy's also unnecessarily wearing shorts over tights. 😅 It doesn't make much practical sense, but it looks really good. Kind of like the inverse of sagging that way, somehow it's sexier than just wearing the base layer with nothing over it.
  5. You have a wonderful personality thank you. Huge UK fan 😘

    1. StarsOnBlack


      I'm actually a Yank.  Hope that doesn't change anything between us.  🤣  Cheers, thanks for my first profile post.  :)

  6. That's also why I brought up Asia and Africa. Together they contain about 75% of the world's population, nearly everyone there has brown eyes (minus northern/western Asia), and I wouldn't really expect sagging to be popular in either one, hence saggers having a higher rate of blue/green eyes compared to the world average. But if it looked like I was implying something negative about any particular race, then thank you for saying something instead of just letting it lie. 👍
  7. I'm not implying anything unsavory. I'm just saying I can't remember ever having seen even one black sagger here (even though I'm sure there must be some, and I'm sure they're as amazing as anybody else). If we're trying to figure out why so many people who answered this survey have blue eyes, the conspicuous rarity of black people here is probably a contributor. If you were to do a demographic survey and find out that ~95% of active posters are white, then you have your answer, that's why so few people here have brown eyes even though ~79% of people worldwide have brown eyes. Basically we
  8. Great videos too. He's probably destroyed more pairs of underwear than half the high school bullies in the US combined. 🤣
  9. ...this just jogged something else loose for me. Anyone else notice that hardly anybody here is black? That seems pretty strange, what with sagging having its roots in hip hop culture. If for some reason black people are statistically underrepresented here on Saggerworld, that would certainly crank up the number of saggers here with blue eyes in particular. Offhand I'd say nearly everyone I've seen who has pics uploaded is white.
  10. I had a similar thought the first time I read that around 45% of the world's adults abstain from alcohol. That sounded really high to me until I remembered that the US + EU comprises less than half the world. 😅 23.7% of the world is Muslim and prohibited from drinking alcohol, so that on its own makes the 45% total sound pretty plausible. Apparently 70-79% of the world has brown eyes, which makes sense when you consider how much of the world's population comes from regions where nearly everyone has brown eyes. Most of Asia and Africa, for starters. In the US it's more like just 4
  11. There's a lot of overlap between sagging and wedgies. Lots of content creators here, on Instagram, and elsewhere are into both of them. A lot comes up if you search "wedgie" on Saggerworld. Xag just posted new sagging pics earlier today, and he's been wedgie fetish royalty since the OG days. https://www.saggerworld.com/gallery/image/130642-1136876c-c1b8-43a5-b03f-567fed936d2f_1_201_a_resultjpg/ The overlap makes rational sense, they're both specific types of underwear fetish, same reason lots of people here are into other underwear and clothing-related fetishes. One obvious point in commo
  12. That'll be just fine, seeing as I'm already in the business of ripping things up. XD
  13. You can't submit your reimbursement, I haven't ripped anything off of you to reimburse you for. XD ...so it seems we've each got a problem, and there just so happens to be one obvious solution that covers both of them. 😈 XD
  14. I mean I'd reimburse the victim for any pair I destroyed, that seems only fair. What's in short supply is sufficiently cute guys who'd consent to letting me yank their undies until they're totally shredded. 😆
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