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  1. I wonder about the response you'd get if answering the poll required giving at least one when/where/how/who example each for giving/getting. Some juicy details instead of just a yes/no. 😆
  2. What might be funny would be to ask again on a different site and compare. Gotta wonder whether saggers get victimized more often than the general population. 🤣
  3. I'm happy so many people are voting something other than "neither". Smart of you to omit that option and only get the juicy answers. 😄
  4. Yeah, about that. Seeing as it was all made up anyway, wouldn't you really think he'd keep the underage thing to himself and just write 18 instead and not get banned? Like what sense did that make? 🤣
  5. What was the tipoff? That long span of time where every single post he wrote began with "My girlfriend and I..." and ended improbably with whatever really specific sexual circumstance was being talked about? His life would've had to have been the most chaotic porno in history for it all to be true. 🤣 Kind of like how you can tell the difference in authenticity between somebody who claims to have given/recieved maybe a half dozen quick and simple wedgies with friends when messing around, versus the sort of person who claims to have been given actual atomic wedgies in high school on a re
  6. I wasn't talking about Saggerworld in specific. The internet in general poses the problem of anonymity when it comes to asking total strangers for advice about technical subjects. I'm sure at least a few people here are qualified to give fitness advice, but nobody's going to be able to prove that, unless they're dimwitted enough to link their IRL identities to their Saggerworld account and show some official certifications. Hence just politely approaching the biggest person in the gym IRL and asking for help. If you see somebody squatting four plates to competition depth, that's mo
  7. You can ask online, but online you have no idea what anybody looks like, and people can claim whatever expertise they want. A lot of beginners have enough unjustified confidence in their own knowledge to start handing out advice. At least in person you can see who's jacked and who isn't, and decide whose expertise to trust based on the evident facts. It's also much easier to visually demonstrate movements in person.
  8. Depends a bit on the gym, but typically most guys find it flattering to be asked for advice, it implies they've been successful enough in building muscles that they now look like they know what they're doing. 😀 That's assuming that you're asking in a natural, non-creepy way, not like "Dude, great ass! How long have you been lifting?". XD Just about everybody who's been lifting for a while has had help from others, most are going to be pretty willing to pass along what they've learned if you're respectful about it and not blatantly hitting on them. From personal experience though, I d
  9. Found it myself. Total luck of the draw. 😆 @Shifttwins
  10. Who're the two at the beginning with the wedgie?
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