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  1. Oh, me neither, no worries. Now we know. 😅 Guess I was a little thrown off by the long list of twitter posts on the previous page clearly showing somebody's OnlyFans account.
  2. This would've been a great time for whichever mod to clearly explain that we're not permitted to post links to OnlyFans, rather than delete my response without a word and make it look like I'm ignoring drake55's question.
  3. I subscribe to their Onlyfans. Good stuff. Their usual content is 10-20min videos of one of them walking around in public sagging and the other following close behind with a camera. Plenty of stretching, bending over, adjusting, etc... Obviously it's not candid, per se, but if you like candids this pretty much scratches the same itch. There's also some videos of them jerking off together, but the public vids are the main appeal.
  4. Heh, thanks for this compilation. I like the direction fashion is going these days, but always nice to return to the roots every once in a while. I had my sexual awakening to that kind of look back in the late 2000's when every high school classroom would be a sea of guys with boxers bunching out.
  5. Serious advice? Come to Saggerworld for advice about your outfit, not for advice about sex. 🤦‍♂️ Like seriously, you do not need to have sex with men to know whether you're attracted to men, or likewise with women. If you're inclined to have sex with someone... that's essentially the definition of being attracted to them. You also have zero need to settle on an identity before you go looking for partners. Be safe; use a condom, be sober, don't agree to anything you're uncomfortable with. Treat it as a learning experience. Don't go in thinking you're going to play it off lik
  6. I mean, it's weird as in "statistically unusual", sure, most guys enjoy being on at least one end of penetrative sex or both. But there's certainly nothing at all wrong with not liking penetrative sex, or any other form of sex, or even all forms of sex. To some extent it's going to be a practical problem finding guys who're okay with that, but I don't think anybody's really exempt from that particular problem. Tops are generally limited to dating bottoms and vice versa. Vers guys who aren't happy being 100% one or the other are generally limited to dating other vers guys. Asexual gay
  7. You're stunning fella ❤️ x

  8. Hell, I'll cover you entirely in chains and chuck you into the Pacific if it'll make you happy. 🤣
  9. Do you mean to say that all this time we've been putting up with your yammering, all we had to do to shut you up was gag you and you would've cooperated with it? /jk 🤣
  10. You could say the same about a sagger's pants blocking part of the view, no? I think the tease is part of what makes it special. 😁
  11. +1 for tight clothes, and strangely enough, it's hotter for me if the guy's also unnecessarily wearing shorts over tights. 😅 It doesn't make much practical sense, but it looks really good. Kind of like the inverse of sagging that way, somehow it's sexier than just wearing the base layer with nothing over it.
  12. You have a wonderful personality thank you. Huge UK fan 😘

    1. StarsOnBlack


      I'm actually a Yank.  Hope that doesn't change anything between us.  🤣  Cheers, thanks for my first profile post.  :)

  13. That's also why I brought up Asia and Africa. Together they contain about 75% of the world's population, nearly everyone there has brown eyes (minus northern/western Asia), and I wouldn't really expect sagging to be popular in either one, hence saggers having a higher rate of blue/green eyes compared to the world average. But if it looked like I was implying something negative about any particular race, then thank you for saying something instead of just letting it lie. 👍
  14. I'm not implying anything unsavory. I'm just saying I can't remember ever having seen even one black sagger here (even though I'm sure there must be some, and I'm sure they're as amazing as anybody else). If we're trying to figure out why so many people who answered this survey have blue eyes, the conspicuous rarity of black people here is probably a contributor. If you were to do a demographic survey and find out that ~95% of active posters are white, then you have your answer, that's why so few people here have brown eyes even though ~79% of people worldwide have brown eyes. Basically we
  15. Great videos too. He's probably destroyed more pairs of underwear than half the high school bullies in the US combined. 🤣
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