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  1. If anyone wants to talk wedgies with me then message me privately and we can chat what wedgies we would give eachother
  2. Can someone go onto YouTube and screen record the video ‘epic wedgie battle’ posted by a guy called Jon master then send to me. I really wanna watch it 😉
  3. Near Bath, but answer the questions dude
  4. GUYS! I am finally meeting with the dweeb kid on Tuesday, where I sag low and give the dweeb wedgies until he gives them back to me (and I make it easy for him too) Any suggestions of things I could do to him? And how I could make it even more easier for him to wedgie me?
  5. What wedgie would you give me if I was wearing a: thong jockstrap briefs boxers boxer briefs already wedgied underwear
  6. Hey can people send some YouTube links to great wedgies videos plz
  7. If I was wearing pink ck briefs and was climbing a tree and said when I came down from the tree I was gunna wedgie you, what wedgie would you give me?
  8. I would like to see you try after that wedgie
  9. If I gave you an atomic wedgie then gave you a front wedgies and then hung you by your undies what would you do to me?
  10. This is a good answer 😉
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