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  1. Near Bath, but answer the questions dude
  2. GUYS! I am finally meeting with the dweeb kid on Tuesday, where I sag low and give the dweeb wedgies until he gives them back to me (and I make it easy for him too) Any suggestions of things I could do to him? And how I could make it even more easier for him to wedgie me?
  3. What wedgie would you give me if I was wearing a: thong jockstrap briefs boxers boxer briefs already wedgied underwear
  4. Hey can people send some YouTube links to great wedgies videos plz
  5. If I was wearing pink ck briefs and was climbing a tree and said when I came down from the tree I was gunna wedgie you, what wedgie would you give me?
  6. I would like to see you try after that wedgie
  7. If I gave you an atomic wedgie then gave you a front wedgies and then hung you by your undies what would you do to me?
  8. This is a good answer šŸ˜‰
  9. If I was sagging low and Iā€™m wearing briefs also topless! 1. Would you give me a wedgie and 2. What wedgie and how ?
  10. Please reply wanna get horny please make answers long !
  11. Not the question man
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