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  1. james_beckerson

    Getting Wet

    Think that fits here http://i1.ryjbuk.pl/e020bd768da9900c99b6251bd889d35cdfff62fb/po-deszczu-gif
  2. james_beckerson

    Varsity Jackets

    Hey Lee , thanks for word of support...I thought it will get a bigger response, but it looks like not many people have a fetish on them
  3. james_beckerson

    What Are Your Dirtiest, Darkest Sexual Desires?

    recently I have recurring thoughts about having my clothes ripped off, piece by piece, so they would hang on me in shreds, but wouldn't offer any cover anymore.
  4. james_beckerson

    What are you wearing right now?

    Hmm, what am I wearing...check out yourself
  5. james_beckerson

    What are you wearing right now?

    silver shorts, aaawww
  6. james_beckerson

    Varsity Jackets

    So - do you have them ? Do you find them attractive ? I was into them even before I was into sagging. But being an European had not much contact with them. Love the design and the look you're getting in them. Actually I have a problem with connecting them to the baggy look - cause they usually were short enough to show off nice butt Getting them oversized and wearing with baggys eliminates that effect. But the jacket stays hot.
  7. james_beckerson

    Getting Wet

    This vid fits into this topic marvelously
  8. james_beckerson

    Getting Wet

    Sexy Was it clingy and heavy ?
  9. james_beckerson

    Getting Wet

    If you were clothed during that....yes it does
  10. james_beckerson

    Getting Wet

    Wet Flamey is great He does it great way. Plus more sagging is always better
  11. james_beckerson

    Getting Wet

    Come on, nobody has got wet since February ? It's summer and it's hot (hint, hint)
  12. james_beckerson

    What are you wearing right now?

    White /w blue striped noname t-shirt, and black rollup shorts...nothing fancy not even baggy nor sagging Unless someone comes over and makes me sag
  13. james_beckerson


    Hey..been here for a good few years but probably not many remember me lol Name: James Age: 28 Height: 167 cm Weight : too much Style : casual Sexuality: gay Hobbies: 1950's cars, fashion, popculture, architecture of modernism, Location: Poland
  14. james_beckerson

    Saggin n jackin

    I've always imagined that saggers can jack off without anyone else noticing, covered up with their baggys and pockets big enough to put a hand in and stroke
  15. james_beckerson

    What are you wearing right now?

    give me a hug and make me wet too

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