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  1. Put a piece of toilet paper under each ball and a piece into the ass-crack - lay down and cool off 😎
  2. In the bed or in the park? 🧐 Long for a picture?
  3. The toe-bone is connected to the foot-bone, the foot-bone ........ ...... And that makes the hole body move. From The Singing Detective
  4. Looking at the sail-ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl sailing along the coast of Norway
  5. No socks, no undies, blue shorts sagging sitting on the waistband, short red silky t, boner tenting my shorts because wind touching my ass. It's summer.
  6. read a diary Take a picture or buy a picture
  7. I think it's a bonus when boxers sag with pants! Perhaps a crack is showing! 😉
  8. "Don't do as your mother says, your mother is a cow" that sings a Norwegian pop-singer .
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