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  1. That is A, B and C Crotch When you see a hot sagger do you follow him or take contact?
  2. Have to choose? Can't When you are out sagging; Hands on bud's sag or not
  3. Many gay men don't like hairy bodies after what comments say on gay sites. They don't like hairy armpits or pubic hair. I however like hair. I see it as a jewel on the body if the body isn't overgrown
  4. acoustic guitar Heavy metal or opera
  5. Rake leaves At what temperature do you take a bath in the see 15C/59F or 20C/68F
  6. Take a risk; too old to bother about parents. Getting children or not?
  7. I don't know what Adirondack is so I chose normal Looking at the stars or in the sun
  8. I think it's untimely for Christmas but Happy New Year
  9. And after that you have to be wild on the training center
  10. The rain in Spain (Bergen) stays mainly on the plain
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