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    I love to sag because it's comfortable and nice to show it off.
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    sagging, video games
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    working at a game store, gamer
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    I don't like labels

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  1. Jacklinl

    Is it ok if i'm on here?

    just clear things up, i told him that about the gallery rules he didn't he also forgot his account. but he can access it through his facebook, he wanted to say srry, bc he didn't no and yes i was next to him when he took that photo.
  2. i'd let them sag whenever. it's really up to them.
  3. yeah, im not. i work at a game store now
  4. Jacklinl

    Is it ok if i'm on here?

    hey cousin. how u've been, srry I haven't been home. wow, ur still sagging. work it
  5. Jacklinl

    Worst Ways to Sag

    all kinds of sagging is the best way. thereĀ“s no worst way, bc of people having different perspectives on how they want to sag.
  6. Jacklinl

    Guys with a small p***s

    one question what if the guy is fat?
  7. i once had sex wit a girl while sagging and then again wit another sagger.
  8. Jacklinl


    i actually tried that getting a wedgie while being tied up makes me hard and horny
  9. Jacklinl

    What are you wearing right now?

    black joggers, red plaid Hanes boxers and a pink shirt, sagging below ass and c**k, wit red high tops
  10. Jacklinl

    Unbutton/unzip pants when you take them off?

    slide my pants down
  11. Jacklinl

    What are you wearing right now?

    blue boxers, ripped blue jeans sagging below ass and c**k, white t-shirt wit a black hoodie wit black high tops.
  12. Jacklinl


    i gotten a wedgie from a friend just the other day, and he started spanking my ass. i was like ok. so my answer to ur question is i have no idea, bc i either like it or love it. as long as they do something after it.
  13. Jacklinl

    Sagging in Television and Movies

    me too they need to create more movies and tv shows wit people sagging.

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