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    I love to sag because I love to show my shorts/underwear.
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  1. Jacklinl

    my cousin is sagging.

    He wears mostly joggers
  2. Jacklinl

    my cousin is sagging.

    here it is.
  3. Jacklinl

    my cousin is sagging.

    he's at school right now and he's going to send me another pic should he sag below his ass and **** or no
  4. Jacklinl

    my cousin is sagging.

    my cousin sent me images of him sagging
  5. Jacklinl

    What age did everyone start Sagging there pants

    i started when i was 15, it's a little strange that my 16 year old cousin started sagging when he was 15 and then stopped this year
  6. Jacklinl

    How old are y’all boys

    20 my 16 year old cousin is sagging somewhat now due to that messenger
  7. Jacklinl

    Word Association Game

  8. Jacklinl

    My cousin

    thnx but he doesn't have blue jeans or athleticy things like that what he does have is boxers, boxers briefs, bball shorts, a hoodie, he has a belt but no blue jeans joggers, sweatpants, pajamas, shirts that almost show his sag show his sag try finding an outfit for him to try also he doesn't want my advice bc I'm family also he wants to multi sag whatever that is also he's fat,
  9. Jacklinl

    My cousin

    my cousin wants to sag lower and double sag his joggers/pajamas/sweatpants. He wasn't asking me, he was wondering if u guys can help him. what he should wear and dress up to u guys. also, if u have a gmail account he will want u to email him. also he has no phone so he can't get on here. at the library or with his worker on Tuesdays he can on. his gmail account is please.
  10. Jacklinl

    I like how u sag.


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