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    Just an average fun 42yrs young guy who likes to see sexy saggers, and sags too. I Love trackie saggers, Boxershorts, and BBs. I am a london guy who's a bit of a cheeky chappy, fun loving and youthful:-)
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  1. I've been giving permission by @CaptainPanther to write this message on his page on behalf of why he has not been online lately.

    So here goes. What can I say about our Captain Panther? He caring , kind, sexy and a very hot sagger.  But in the months leading to the end of 2021 he faced everyone's worst nightmare. 

    He nearly lost his husband due to covid . He was so bad that he needed alot of care. I can thankfully say that Captain's husband is much better . 

    But now @CaptainPanther needs us . What he went through has left him emotionally drained. He's a wreck.  Some days he can't  hold it together as he had to be strong and keep everything going.  

    I may live on other side of the world from him but ive been doing my best to   support him when I could through messages. 

    So that's why he hasn't been on lately. 

    Now Captain Panther a message to you . I hope you get better soon bro and pick yourself up again .  I'm sure I speak for everyone on here that we would like to see new sags from you soon. All the best and you know where to message me when you need to Captain. 

    So here's to 2022 being a happy healthy joyous year for us all 

    1. Lee249


      There is nothing worse than feeling helpless so I totally understand your thoughts. It's nice reading that you care so much. Hope he is ok. 

    2. Lee249


      Just replied to your PM buddy.

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