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  1. Hey, you're pretty awesome! Just thought I'd mention it 😉

  2. With a belt. Accessorise - obvs! 😇 Proper leather belt with belt holes or webbing belts?
  3. Back seat 3 door of 4/5 door car? 🤣
  4. CK underwear Bold solid colours or more muted duller colours?
  5. This is my weekend mapped out... How's that? ☺️
  6. Whisky Spirits neat? Or on the rocks?
  7. Grapes! Grape juice? Or wine?
  8. At home, given the chance. If you were unwell is you preference diarrhea or sickness? 🤣🤣🤣 I hate being sick!
  9. Tickets on Phone Modern diesel/electric train or the nostalgia of steam?
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