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  1. Maybe a bit extreme, you could pull the laxative prank in him. 🤣😉
  2. 🤣🤣🤣 Yes it does, hadn't noticed that. My. Answer was out of sequence.
  3. Those Nike Air Max LTDs are hot! Especially pissed in!
  4. Mostly White Nike Crew Socks. But there's a few black pairs. Few Adidas pairs n CK Sports socks in black n white.
  5. 🤩 Even a little sag makes it so much easier for people to grab your waistband and give a wedgie!
  6. Yeah you can, but things run out of space really fast! 🤣
  7. Sneaker, snug jeans, trackies, joggers, sagging, any of that lot getting dirty... And the most obscure one is "accidents"... ...anything that happens unintentionally. Could be stepping on dropped food/gum in the street, a dropped grape in the supermarket, or short cut across grass that's muddier than expected. Or worse!
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