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  1. Really want to buy some new underwear, but I already have tons of and cant fit them in my drawer anymore. So maybe first need to get rid of a few pairs...

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    2. CJS90


      What size 😏

    3. gameplay


      I know that feeling!
      If I see a hot sagger with a nice pair of boxer briefs, I start looking for that exact pair for myself!
      That has resulted in me now owning about 150 pairs! And I even throw away pairs whit small holes, og weared out waistbands. Have even given away some old pairs. I still own too many, and just want even more :P My collection fills up an entire chest of drawers! 


    4. StefvdZwet


      @gameplay oh man i would love to trade some with you! Hit me up if you are up for that


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