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  1. I got over 100 followers on here! Thanks to all of you! Should I do something special now? If you have an idea of what I should do/dare send it to me and I'll see what I'll do with it!

    1. AlexanderBoy75


      Throw all your underwear in the bathtub and take bath so you can show us more of your beautiful pictures! :-)

  2. Some new photos are coming soon. Found a lot of old stuff too!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Anonan


      Judging from what we've seen so far of you, we're anxious to see them.

    3. Lee249


      The new J&J pics are really impressive dude. I enjoyed seeing them :) 

  3. Babe1599

    Some Sagging

    He has a gf
  4. Babe1599


    I wouldn't min trading places with one of them
  5. Just ordered my first 2 pair of Hollister underwear. It was (and maybe still is) blackfriday-sale on the hollister site so i got 2 pairs for €20, free shipping ánd 25% off. So I got them for a total of €15. Very excited to wear them and maybe make some albums. :P 

    1. sagstvp


      You misspelled maybe. Should be "of course" ;-)

    2. flameboard


      Awesome! Look forward to seeing them!

  6. Babe1599


    Underwear (some brands more than others); sagging & all other public underwear exposure. Bondage (some ways), especially if it is in underwear and in public (!) Length, as in how tall someone is. Maybe you haven't heard of this before, but I think it's super exciting when someone is more then 10 cm (4 inches) smaller or taller then me. I prefer taller, but that isn't too hard as I myself only measure 170 cm (5'6'') and live in the Netherlands (where the average man stands 181cm (5'11'')).
  7. Babe1599


  8. Babe1599

    Pepperspray challenge

    3:22 - the end a great Bjorn Borg sag....
  9. ur latest Album is real eyecandy, thxx for sharing

  10. Babe1599

    Niek Roozen

    4:49 just a bit 5:04 5:38

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