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  1. Well...

    1. Pokemon


      It's been awhile, hope you're doing well

  2. So happy with two 'new' boxer briefs. Haven't gotten any second-hand undies in ages but managed to run off with two worn pairs today. Mind me, I don't like the word 'stealing' but it essentially is. Will have lots of fun with it so it is what it is. 

    1. ElCarnicero


      Hehehe...how did you get them?

    2. StefvdZwet


      Very excited to see them and read the story about how you got them!

    3. Emohotboy


      Seriously your really nice sagging in the water with that hot body makes me feel so horny as f*** 

  3. Thank you for the 200 followers on here! I took some shots of me sagging in public this evening while traveling on the bus and train. Keep an eye out, will post those once sorted.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Pokemon


      Another wedgie like you did a while back would be hot 

    3. StefvdZwet


      Some more with stolen underwear, some with briefs, maybe some wedgie so you see your bums real good.

      and uhmm, maybe something wet. (And add some chest maybe?)

    4. Lukey


      Ooh right up my street love seeing saggers sagging on public transport

  4. Imo the rules are there to protect when one of the two is <18yo and the age gap is more than say, 5 years. When the difference is less then 5 years I see it very different. My bf is 1,5 years younger than me. So when we met, 17 and 19 yo, I was a ‘pedo’ but now (19 and 21yo) I ain’t? That doesn’t make any sense to me with less than 1,5 years of age difference. Never have I ever felt like something was wrong, neither has he. So why would the law say that there is something wrong with that.
  5. Really want to buy some new underwear, but I already have tons of and cant fit them in my drawer anymore. So maybe first need to get rid of a few pairs...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. CJS90


      What size 😏

    3. gameplay


      I know that feeling!
      If I see a hot sagger with a nice pair of boxer briefs, I start looking for that exact pair for myself!
      That has resulted in me now owning about 150 pairs! And I even throw away pairs whit small holes, og weared out waistbands. Have even given away some old pairs. I still own too many, and just want even more :P My collection fills up an entire chest of drawers! 


    4. StefvdZwet


      @gameplay oh man i would love to trade some with you! Hit me up if you are up for that

  6. Underwear (some brands more than others); sagging & all other public underwear exposure. Bondage (some ways), especially if it is in underwear and in public (!) Length, as in how tall someone is. Maybe you haven't heard of this before, but I think it's super exciting when someone is more then 10 cm (4 inches) smaller or taller then me. I prefer taller, but that isn't too hard as I myself only measure 170 cm (5'6'') and live in the Netherlands (where the average man stands 181cm (5'11'')).
  7. 3:22 - the end a great Bjorn Borg sag....
  8. ur latest Album is real eyecandy, thxx for sharing

  9. 4:49 just a bit 5:04 5:38
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