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  1. Since @kaden brought up the US snap a sag again, anyone interested in a (western) Europe / Dutch edition?

    1. StefvdZwet


      Hey @Babe1599 I am deffinately interested and willing to donate some nice brand boxers myself!

  2. New year, new me 🤮 haha. Just celebrated my birthday with a new profile pic and header image. Off course I've also uploaded a new album. Go check it out once it's approved! 

  3. Birthday coming up, and you all will be in for a treat on here ;) 

    1. DustinW


      Can't wait to see it 😍

    2. Lee249


      Yes, i can't wait either. The one you just uploaded is magnificent - see my overal album comment aswell as the rest 😀

  4. Back in my home country! Pics from my adventures coming in soon!

    1. Babe1599


      Or get a sneak peak in my DMs ;)

  5. I'm going on vacation in a few with my bf. We'll be camping at a gigantic lake in central Europe. I hope to shoot some more daring, public, wet and revealing photos there. Any suggestions? 

    1. SaggersRhot


      Take lots of wet pics please! :biggrin:

    2. Babe1599


      I don't have anything with getting wet, but since many people want to see me like that: maybe I will....

  6. Just posted some new pics! Had been over two years since my last album!

  7. So, had to get permission from my bf 😉, but I'll be posting some new albums soon. And I have a new challenge for myself. I don't want to post more of what I already have posted. That's why all suggestions are welcome, and I will challenge myself to execute them if possible for me.

    So do you want to see me wet/dry, in boxers/briefs/boxer briefs/jockstrap, jeans/shorts/swim wear/sports wear? Any location preferences? In Jack&Jones, Hollister, Calvins, Hilfiger, Puma, Levi's, unbranded or others suggestions?

    I want to keep experimenting with the albums and explore new things (within my boundries off course), so feel free to comment or DM!

    1. SaggersRhot


      Get wet in jeans or boxerbriefs either outside or in the shower. Get your bf to get in the pics and get wet together!

  8. What would you guys think of me returning to this website and putting some fresh new albums up here for you people? 🤔

    1. Lukey


      DEFFO BRO! be so hot sagging to show other people on here.... Love you to cum bk.....

  9. I got over 100 followers on here! Thanks to all of you! Should I do something special now? If you have an idea of what I should do/dare send it to me and I'll see what I'll do with it!

    1. AlexanderBoy75


      Throw all your underwear in the bathtub and take bath so you can show us more of your beautiful pictures! :-)

  10. Some new photos are coming soon. Found a lot of old stuff too!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Anonan


      Judging from what we've seen so far of you, we're anxious to see them.

    3. Lee249


      The new J&J pics are really impressive dude. I enjoyed seeing them :) 

  11. Babe1599

    Some Sagging

    He has a gf
  12. Babe1599


    I wouldn't min trading places with one of them
  13. Just ordered my first 2 pair of Hollister underwear. It was (and maybe still is) blackfriday-sale on the hollister site so i got 2 pairs for €20, free shipping ánd 25% off. So I got them for a total of €15. Very excited to wear them and maybe make some albums. :P 

    1. sagstvp


      You misspelled maybe. Should be "of course" ;-)

    2. flameboard


      Awesome! Look forward to seeing them!


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