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  1. Anyone know what pending means on snapchat

    1. Lee249


      Pending usually means it's in a queue mate. I'm not familiar with the rules regarding snapchat. Hope that helps x 

  2. Well instagram told me i violated there terms on sexual content for sagging post 😡

    1. Prowler905


      i was wondering what happened again

      are you going to create a new account

    2. CJS90


      i keep making accounts and they get tos

  3. Do any of u know how to get direct contact to instagram there email system is bad and i got both my main and backup disabled for no reason
  4. I am really starting to hate instagram my backup account got disabled for no reason 😡

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. CJS90
    3. shortydude


      I hate Instagram too .  They did that to my previous account was up to 11k then they just disabled it . 

    4. CJS90


      They should remove there damn ai and get a team of humans there email system is balls 

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