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  1. CJS90


    i really thinking about switching 😕
  2. CJS90


    what brands u like guys ?
  3. CJS90


    oh how is it ?
  4. CJS90


    i mean outside in public and yes breifs
  5. CJS90


    How many of u wear briefs and from a guy wearing bbs and boxers what does it feel like when wearing them outside
  6. CJS90


    oh cool
  7. CJS90


    i do not wear girls clothes 🤢 and would love to have a sir
  8. CJS90


    yeah and also i want to be told what to wear too
  9. CJS90


    question is it wrong for me to be submissive and be a sagger?
  10. i am starting to get sick of instagram atm i was talking to a person and they blocked for no reason 🤬

  11. CJS90

    NEW Chat Software

    change your nickname on that server
  12. CJS90

    What are you wearing right now?

    i am wearing a t shirt tanktop jogger shorts and boxers think i will change into jeans soon
  13. CJS90

    What are you wearing right now?

    where u get those pants?
  14. CJS90

    Pink underwear

    i made pink my fav color as i wear pink underwear now 😮
  15. posted two recent pics


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