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  1. bad news here i have small hiatal hernia and inguinal hernia

    1. ElCarnicero


      Sorry to hear this. Will you be getting an operation?

  2. I was ordered to get a thong lol

  3. hope your well lad dillon

  4. lee check discord dms

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Lee249


      @CJS90 are you ok? Thanks 


    3. CJS90
    4. Lee249


      You seemed down before just wanted to check in. Listen, I'm here if you need me. Take care of yourself 💗 x

  5. Last weekend i was so depressed from something that happend to me in the past and i told my bff

    1. Lee249


      Opening up to anyone is a success in itself. Depression is a difficult subject to tackle as it affects everyone. I call it the 'domino effect' Proud of ya darlin x 

    2. CJS90


      cant dm u :(

    3. Lee249


      Are you on Discord? I'm here for you buddy. 

  6. i have mad respect to u dillon and happy birthday to your bae
  7. CJS90


    I recently as of a more then a month ago i gave up control as in like BDSM and i have a temp agreement to become a omega sub to a alpha sub
  8. Pls do it bud would look so amazing
  9. welp i started loctober on the first from a master i am starting to see

    1. jonquestor


      Nice. Happy submissions. 

  10. Thank you for our chat on Discord Chris 👍 






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