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  1. Well i am no longer single i have a boyfriend


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Astg94


      Congratulations Chris!! I’m mostly single. But shy lol. 😔

    3. Lee249


      @Astg94oh we can sort that obstacle buddy 🤗 we'll catch up soon yeah! 

    4. storyteller


      Congratulations! Hopefully they like sagging as well ;)

  2. Does anyone hate when they wake up with morning wood?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. CJS90


      well i dont hate it tho its when i am wearing satins

    3. Lee249


      @Pabsman2024what is troublesome with waking up with a wet spot exactly? Only difference, is that you had nobody to share or with.


    4. Astg94


      I mostly had gotten wet dreams in the middle of the night lmao…. What I’m not crazy over is that 1) my underwear gets wet and gloopy… 2) well, I’m hairy for 1 lol, and hate to get marks or whatever on it whereas I have to clean myself. 3) I’m mostly clean and not messy when I’m in pjs during bed, so I have to change my undies every time I get a wet dream. I do like dreaming of sh** that makes you ho*ny.

  3. Damn since when are Calvin Klein Underwear are so comfy no one ever told me 

  4. My new ck bbs and damn there comfy
  5. Got My First Piar Ck BBS

    1. storyteller


      I don't know what that is but congrats <3

    2. Lee249


      Congrats mate 😉

  6. Wore my levis 501 today and man they are so freaking hot and comfy

    1. ElCarnicero
    2. CJS90


      check what u wearing now

  7. Do you guys have issues finding a boyfriend?

    1. Pabsman2024


      It's hard finding one for a quickie 

    2. Pabsman2024


      It hard to find a guy to give a massage with a happy ending

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