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  1. Does anyone want to visit eastern Norway some day after the corona-chaos has faded? Contact me, and if we have some thougts in common, I'l show you the home of the vikings!  :D 

  2. I would really like to meet another sagger from this site!
    Just hanging together, maybe have å couple of beers, talking about all and nothing! :D 

  3. gameplay

    A Or B?

    Boxer shorts SO chill to wear in the evening or at bedtime/during sleeping! Never compression! Just regular boxer briefs made of microfiber or other synthetic during heavy working or so Underwear that blends in with the rest of the outfit, or underwear that has a lot of contrast to the outfit?
  4. you are so muther ******* god damn sexy. HOLY F****, bro!

  5. gameplay

    What is your favorite colour?

    I think red or white is my favorites. But the most important is that there is some contrast to the boxer briefs compared to the t-shirt and/or jeans.

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