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  1. I did apply for a job at a factory some years ago, and I did sag at the job interview. When the meeting was over, the boss did notice that I was sagging mid-ass when I was on the way out of the office. He told me to pull up my pants! I stopped walking, turned around, and told him: This is my style, and I'm not paid to be here atm. But when I did start working there, I did not sag. But this was in a factory, and there are certain rules for protecting clothing and such which I had to obey. But when I was working at a bar, I did sag at work. I got attention from a lot of people, bu
  2. Any NL saggers who wanna meet me in Groningen in start of June? Send me a message :D 

  3. I'm going to the Nederlands this august! :D Any saggers in the north who wants to meet? I'm going to Groningen :)   

  4. Hey man I like sneakers too would you like to chat?

  5. I'm finally going to Netherlands! :D 
    From next year, a new cruise-line will be sailing between Norway and Eemshaven, so I will get a chance to check out this part of Europe :)

    1. StefvdZwet


      cool! i hope you have a great time visiting my country!

    2. gameplay


      @StefvdZwet You could be my guide! :D 
      I'm thinking of visiting Groningen on my frist trip :) 

  6. I agree! "Borrowing" a hot mates underwear is so turn-on!
  7. Finally got my first couple of drop crotch pants delivered this week! :D  Think I have to update my gallery soon :) 

    1. efsagger


      That’s really cool, pls let us have a look at your nice pants 😋

    2. Lee249


      If you don't mind then, yes please man 😜

    3. gameplay


      Have postet a few pics in my gallery now, but have to take some more pics soon :D 

  8. I have already looked at this one, but it would have been really cool to find some that are not ripped-style as well
  9. After seeing a lot of cool sags with drop crotch pants in the albums here, I'm looking to get one for myself, but i need help! I cannot find any stores here in Norway that sells this! And the webshops that do ship to Norway, has such little stock to choose between. I'm not looking for sweatpants, more jeans-style, like in the pics here. Pics borrowed from BaggySerj and his awesome albums. Does anyone knows about webshops that have this kind of jeans, and do ship to Norway? Or does anyone here have a spare pair they are willing to sell me?
  10. Fortunately, I'm gay, and on top of that, either my BF or me want kids. But if we where to have kids, and this was a boy: When the kid is old enough to choose his own style, it doesn't matter to me, as long as he is happy. If he want to be an emo, start sagging, or choose a more punk'ish fashion, it does not matter. On the other hand, getting a tattoo would be another case. For that I think he must be 18, which is the minor-age required by law in Norway. However, you could get a tattoo at age 16 if given permission by parents, but here is my point: A tattoo is permanent, but a st
  11. Why are there so many hot saggers around Europe!? :D 
    It's hot to see all the nice guys here on SW, but so few of them are here in Norway! 😕 

  12. Too bad I saw this post now that late Have always loved your style!
  13. Does anyone want to visit eastern Norway some day after the corona-chaos has faded? Contact me, and if we have some thougts in common, I'l show you the home of the vikings!  :D 

  14. I would really like to meet another sagger from this site!
    Just hanging together, maybe have å couple of beers, talking about all and nothing! :D 

  15. Boxer shorts SO chill to wear in the evening or at bedtime/during sleeping! Never compression! Just regular boxer briefs made of microfiber or other synthetic during heavy working or so Underwear that blends in with the rest of the outfit, or underwear that has a lot of contrast to the outfit?
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