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  1. Aaaaax


    Thanks for the good answers! It do really help me alot!
  2. Aaaaax


    Wow, thank you for a good answer! I guess I just have to see what happens over time. I think I just have to live my life now, as it is, and don't use too much time thinking over it. I haven't had sex yet, neither with a boy or a girl, and think I mostly would have it with a girl. But still I can only be dreaming about a really hot guy to blow me. Well, I guess it's a hard world. I just have to deal with it.
  3. Aaaaax


    Hey! I'm 15 year old, and have always concidered myself as straight. I have always liked hot girls, and still do. But for a little while ago I realised that I liked watching hot guys to. I dream about beeing blown, and now I think that I would like a hot boy to do it. Am I bi? Or just straight with a dirty mind? Sagging does really turn me on too.
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