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  1. I know that you can still get them at KMart and Target in Australia...
  2. qwertz1995

    Selling some undies

    I added a few more boxers! In total there are now five boxers for sale!
  3. qwertz1995

    Undies for sale

    Her you can find pictures of undies that I'm selling. As long as nothing else is written beside each single image, they're worn but washed and therefore clean. If you have any questions, wishes or are interested in some of my undies that aren't in this album feel free to contact me!
  4. qwertz1995

    Selling some undies

    I added two satin boxers (size L and XL) for sale 🙂
  5. qwertz1995

    How Straigt/gay Are You?

    I'd say 1 fits for me.
  6. qwertz1995

    Selling some undies

    To keep you guys up to date, the following pairs are still up for sale: - Green Superdry, size XL - Blue and grey Jack&Jones, size L - Navy Hollister, size L - Black Calvin Klein, size M - Grey Calvin Klein, size M - White Jack&Jones, size L - Grey satin boxers with Garfield print, size M If you're interested in any other pair that's not for sale, feel free to message me anyway, we might find a solution for it! 🙂
  7. qwertz1995

    Selling some undies

    I added four new pairs to the album: - One grey satin boxer in size M - One red Hollister boxerbrief in size L - Two Jack&Jones boxerbriefs (blue and white), both in size L Just have a look through the album and message me if you're interested in one or more pairs 😄
  8. qwertz1995

    satin boxers

    I'm 23 and I still wear satin boxers every now and then 🙂
  9. qwertz1995

    Selling some undies

    Hmm... I'd need to look up how much the shipping is, but I guess it's not that cheap.... 😕 But just write me a message if you're still interested and I'll look it up.
  10. qwertz1995

    Selling some undies

    No I'm not, sorry :-)
  11. qwertz1995

    Selling some undies

    6 paris are still available. - Two Calvin Kleins - Two Hollister - One Jack&Jones - One Superdry Maybe your favourite is just waiting for you! 😛
  12. qwertz1995

    Selling some undies

    All the pairs in my gallery are still available! Seems like nobody is really interested in them 😕
  13. qwertz1995

    Selling some undies

    Sure! Which ones do you like? Just shoot me a message and we'll discuss the details.
  14. qwertz1995

    Selling some undies

    Mostly getting space for new ones :-P So those are the ones I don't wear anymore.
  15. qwertz1995

    Selling some undies

    Have you checked my PM...? 🙂

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