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  1. Hi I’m just wondering (sorry not posted in a while) have you ever been sagging, and either when bending down or walking, your boxers have been slipping down abs not your jeans. I have just recently, it was on the afternoon and I was doing housework, I could feel something was different on my clothing, I thought my jeans are coming down, (learned to go without a belt at home now didn’t before) so I carried on, than when I was making my bed and I could see myself in the mirror, I could see my crack was on the tip of exposition, I ignored it because it was normal for me so carried on. When I
  2. Thank u all for the advice will certainly take it on board thanks everyone
  3. I don’t have a problem with people doing it it’s just how I feel that’s all I mean people wears whatever makes them feel comfortable
  4. I think it’s over the top and just a style that only a handful of people can pull off. The majority of time, the people look stupid doing it
  5. Jb123

    A Or B?

    I’d rather do double less congested and more freedom personally
  6. True sometimes when I see a sag so low I hope they come down
  7. Hi just want to say thanks to everyone on here who has not only made me feel welcome but helped build up my confidence. I know it’s only been a couple days but I’m staring to go lower i wound not have do it without all of y yeh thanks 

    1. ElCarnicero


      Glad to hear that!


    2. Tye


      That is so cool, I’m super happy to here your confidence is growing.

  8. I only just started it nearly put me off entirely but it haven’t though. That’s good
  9. Hi yeah challenged myself to go lower and I did but didn’t go anywhere not at that stage yet and did belt less they kept coming down what would your advice be on doing this or should when I go lower do with belts. Btw it’s actually comfortable at half height just want to make them stay thanks.
  10. Hope everyone’s doing ok and staying healthy
  11. Yeah I knew people were looking but I was too embarrassed to notice just waved to leave ASAP
  12. As u know I have just started to sag and I want to thank everyone I have made me feel truly welcome. This is why I want to share a story that happened to me recently. it was a week before Christmas and I needed to do last bit of Christmas shopping, it was pretty late about 5:00pm was dark outside. I was rushing to get out of the door before the shops shut, I changed into something a bit more comfortable to leave in however little did I know I forgot to put on my belt , this was a fatal mistake as you would see later in the story. when I arrived to shops and was walking I co
  13. No I tend to wear a lot of tight fitting clothing but do some jeans pull down boxers and I’m not realising it
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