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  1. Hi just wondering have you ever been in a like a professional environment and you don’t want to sag to be respectful however it happens out of your control and no matter what u do it will still sag if that makes sense
  2. I thought there like low rise jeans so they only go up to a certain height which for boxers defeats the purpose but still thinking just want to try something different
  3. I’d never do this, mate would kill me of he found out, we keep out clothes to ourselves
  4. Hi are there any perks or benefits to low rise boxers, in any sort. I’m thinking of getting some how well do they fit and whet for they cover. Any disadvantages too thanks do appreciate all the responses
  5. Hey, message me! I messaged you twice and no reply, love to get to know ya. I'm also from UK, gay n 24. Hbu?

    1. ElCarnicero


      Lukey...if a person doesn't wish to talk to me, I usually just move on. It's a hard lesson we all have to learn.

  6. Hi I’m just wondering (sorry not posted in a while) have you ever been sagging, and either when bending down or walking, your boxers have been slipping down abs not your jeans. I have just recently, it was on the afternoon and I was doing housework, I could feel something was different on my clothing, I thought my jeans are coming down, (learned to go without a belt at home now didn’t before) so I carried on, than when I was making my bed and I could see myself in the mirror, I could see my crack was on the tip of exposition, I ignored it because it was normal for me so carried on. When I
  7. Thank u all for the advice will certainly take it on board thanks everyone
  8. I don’t have a problem with people doing it it’s just how I feel that’s all I mean people wears whatever makes them feel comfortable
  9. I think it’s over the top and just a style that only a handful of people can pull off. The majority of time, the people look stupid doing it
  10. Jb123

    A Or B?

    I’d rather do double less congested and more freedom personally
  11. True sometimes when I see a sag so low I hope they come down
  12. Hi just want to say thanks to everyone on here who has not only made me feel welcome but helped build up my confidence. I know it’s only been a couple days but I’m staring to go lower i wound not have do it without all of y yeh thanks 

    1. ElCarnicero


      Glad to hear that!


    2. Tye


      That is so cool, I’m super happy to here your confidence is growing.

  13. I only just started it nearly put me off entirely but it haven’t though. That’s good
  14. Hi yeah challenged myself to go lower and I did but didn’t go anywhere not at that stage yet and did belt less they kept coming down what would your advice be on doing this or should when I go lower do with belts. Btw it’s actually comfortable at half height just want to make them stay thanks.
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