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  1. I wear briefs to go to swimming then I change into swimming shorts or speedos depends what I feel like wearing for the swimming pool then get changed obviously then after swimming I go into the town with friends
  2. I Prefer Both On The Days I Choose Boxers Instead Of Briefs
  3. I Like Wearing Speedos When Swimming & The Underwear I Wear To Go To Swimming Are Briefs
  4. When You Go Swimming Do Wear Swimming Goggles Or Not?
  5. Top Half - Blue Bed Shirt Bottom Half - Black Bed Shorts Underwear - Grey With Small Black Dots Boxer-Briefs (At The Frontal They Feel Like Briefs) Socks- Aston Villa Claret
  6. I'm A Villa Fan He Was A Good Midfielder For Villa Good At Holding The Ball In Midfield Anyway Enough Of The Football Talk I Knew Someone Who Said Their Auntie Use To Wash The Aston Villa Players Kits After The Games Decades Ago I'm Mean Possibly 1950s Bet That Was Stinky Job Probably Most likely Washing The Players Pants Was The Worst Part Lol
  7. Now now If they go missing I know to suspect first
  8. I Sleep In Briefs Or Boxers Or Boxer-Briefs
  9. I don't know if someone has snooped on my pants on the washing line mine end up in the corner of the line first briefs then boxers & boxer-briefs I hope nobody comes into our garden and gives them a sniffs or steals them ha! lol
  10. I wore only briefs up till age 14(0-14) then started to wear boxers & boxer-briefs and still sometimes briefs currently (14 - current age) I preferred to wear briefs when I played football when I was younger This pic brings back memories mine were blue & orange briefs
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