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  1. white shirt, black basketball shorts, blue basketball shorts, black cargos.
  2. Someone dies in the UK every 5 minutes solely because they smoke(d). In the USA it must be every few seconds. Give smoking a miss. You don't want to be one of them. And some of them are only in their twenties, not all old people.
  3. Yes I was nice and warm and it felt good too. Today I have black lycra shorts, black jeans, blue jeans, white polo shirt and blue sweatshirt.
  4. Went out today to town. Wore Black Nike lycra shorts, black umbro trackies, blue jeans, white adidas trackies, white polo shirt, blue sweatshirt.
  5. Black Nike Lycra Shorts with Black Adidas Trackies on top and then Blue Jeans with two blue t shirts.
  6. Do you wear the trackies in the pool? If not what happens to them? Do you wear them with the soccer shorts and jeans?
  7. black nike lycra shorts with black nike shiny shorts on top, navy adidas trackies over them with blue soccer shirt.
  8. black lycra shorts, blue jeans and black adidas trackies with white polo shirt and black sweatshirt.
  9. With you there tom. Soccer uniform is not complete without lycra shorts under the soccer shorts.
  10. Today I am wearing navy lycra shorts, white adidas soccer shorts, red adidas soccer shorts, navy umbro trackies and a soccer shirt.
  11. Wow it must be warmer where you are than here. Today I have on a blue t shirt and blue sweatshirt with black lycra shorts, white soccer shorts and black adidas trackies. When I go out later I will add a jacket and some jeans to that.
  12. Today I have black nike lycra shorts with black Nike basketball shorts (like the navy ones worn by tree56uk above) on top, then blue jeans then black adidas trackies with a white polo shirt and black sweatshirt.
  13. Happy new year everyone. White polo shirt with black t shirt under, black lycra shorts with black cord jeans and white adidas trackies on top.
  14. Wow 6 layers - can you walk? Black lycra shorts with blue jeans and black adidas trackies on top. black t shirt under white polo shirt.
  15. black lycra shorts with blue jeans and black adidas trackies. White t sirt and white polo shirt.
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