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    friends who are into Sagging there pants in public. and Sagging our pants together. Love Sagging my pants low and my underwear or boxers showing and Sagging my pants in public. Turned on when Sagging pants in public and seeing a guy Sagging his pants in public. Love Sagging my pants.
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    Crop Top Shirts and Sagging pants and Joggerpants and Camo and sweatpants ,True Religion jeans
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    Working At Restaurant In Airport
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  1. Geemansagger

    Don't know what to do

    If sagging makes you happy then go for it. But do what makes you happy..
  2. Geemansagger

    What do you guys think sagging is all about?

    I love Sagging My Pants And Underwear Showing because I can show off my underwear and know people can see it.. that's why I love Sagging.
  3. Geemansagger

    Jerking off in public

    I use to jerk off in public while sagging my pants in the library in 2002 felt so good to. I cummed on my pants and underwear and kept the Cum on my pants while sagging felt really good to cum. Love Jerking Off While Sagging.
  4. Geemansagger

    Two hot French rappers

    Hot Sagging they have
  5. Geemansagger

    What are you wearing right now?

    Hot Sagging Logan
  6. Geemansagger

    What are you wearing right now?

    Nice Sagging Logan
  7. Geemansagger

    Relyk (rap videos)

    Great video. And hot Sagging.
  8. Geemansagger

    What are you wearing right now?

    Sagging my khik joggers and underwear showing and wearing my crop top shirt and may jerk off to..
  9. Geemansagger

    Saggers That I Film

    Love the sagging
  10. Geemansagger

    Kenny Bilski Jerkin

  11. Geemansagger

    How Frequently Do You Jack Off

    I jerk off everyday when Sagging my pants. Love jerking off while sagging my pants and being horny always a good feeling.
  12. Geemansagger

    What are you wearing right now?

    Sagging camo jogger pants and yellow briefs
  13. Geemansagger

    Coronavirus outbreak

    Hot sagg dedesagger
  14. Geemansagger

    Coronavirus outbreak

    So far me here in NYC. I'm trying to just do what I can do. And be careful and keep a eye out. And stores here in NYC and NJ have run out from time to time especially in NJ. It's crazy.

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