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    I started sagging and smoking at 12 yo, and now I sag lower and lower, mostly wiv a red or joint in me jaw and dirty sokks and dirty AF1’s on me feet
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    Smoking, 420, sagging below ****, spitting, sniffing dirty sneakers, pissing in public, filth
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    Waste collector

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  1. Rite bros… I can’t stop me boner to da max when other saggers join da train.. I watch them walking along till eye contact and they sitting next to me. I move me hands down and… da fukk dudes!
  2. I need your filthiness 👌😁

    1. Filthysagger


      fukk yeah bro... yesterday i got into da train after a final hit on me cig. I wore my lowest double sag ever, my undie and boxer both stained wiv fresh piss and my sokks too.... my ripped shirt was already treated wiv da holy fluids and when i sat down da smell was spreading around, people looking wiv scruffy faces...but i dont give a fukk...  my **** grew to da fukkin maxxxx bro

    2. Lee249


      You're insatiably dirty but I could tolerate it 😋 I won't piss in your mouth but I might cum down your throat, if you don't get to me first that is 😏


    3. Filthysagger


      Plz bro in public😵

  3. me too bro like to lick ur joystuck
  4. Fukk yeah dudes gonna cum every time in me piss stained OUTTOX leather undie while sagging extremy low and smoking like hell
  5. Fukking nice fukkah.. like to sag next to ya in da bus… smelling like fukking hell and shokking da otha people
  6. Rite m8s.. I like to let da stains dry and just sag in da piss stained pants in public.. love da feeling and smell.. what about u??
  7. ******* nice dudes..I love to piss in my pants and get hard from da filthy warmth and smell. Next level I wanna become a real filthy dude like this ******* hot m8… are there others with these fantasies??
  8. Added you because I'm getting into the wrong crowd hehe 😜 just experimental. 

  9. Fukking nice bro, u piss yr sneax too?? Thads hot m8
  10. Rite i fukking like to be pisst upon by my fukking sagging m8s
  11. I 'd say da lowest is just under ur butt and bulge, no legs visible. That low is my favo and I walk a bit like a duck that's hot while smoking
  12. I always sag extremely low wherever, whenever and don’t give a F**** wiv what boy I date wiv. Da girls is not my stuff
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