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  1. DustinW


    I love your style and the tight jeans and bbs!
  2. DustinW


    Amazing pics man! 😍
  3. DustinW


    Nice sag man!
  4. DustinW

    I hate myself

    Your style is amazing 😍
  5. DustinW

    Any guy bi or gay?

    21 and gay af 😂
  6. DustinW


    I'm always up for trading! DustinWa98
  7. DustinW

    Zach Clayton

    That's so hot!
  8. DustinW


    Where did you get those jeans? They look so hot 😍
  9. DustinW


    Me too. But I'm back now. I was just offline for some time 😘
  10. DustinW


    Your ass is so hot 😍
  11. I think I was about 13 when I first tried it and about 15 when I started sagging lower 🤔
  12. DustinW


    It's so damn hot to see the shape of a guys boner through his boxer briefs 🤤 (Even better if he's sagging while you see it 😏)
  13. DustinW

    being blown

    I was 14. Had a sleepover with a friend (13) and he dared me to blow him. He was kinda surprised when I did it haha 😅 After I was finished he did the same to me.
  14. DustinW

    What do you wear to swim and why?

    I love to swim in Sport-Shorts with boxer briefs under (and above 😛) them. I also love this look on other guys especially if they wear white boxers so you can see right through them 😏
  15. DustinW

    Rim Or No Rim

    Getting your ******* licked 😛

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