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  1. yep, right and left on one side, the one without the label at the back
  2. The Tek Gear ones do, but they're only on one side
  3. Just noticed my profile pic didn't show me sagging. Fixed that.

    1. flameboard


      HAHA good to see :D

  4. Tek Gear reversibles are one of the best. You can see what they look like here:
  5. It is a hot look (I mean the normal, one in an eyebrow thing, not.... that.) I've been thinking of getting one for a while after seeing a few boys at college with one... maybe I should top thinking and actually do it while I'm still young enough to look good with one Doing Judo atm, though, so I'll wait till summer. I know you have to leave them in while they heal, and grappling with a fresh piercing could end reeeeaaal badly. Has anyone ever had one go wrong? I hear they don't always heal right.
  6. Im baaaaack.... and I brought new pics! :)

    1. manniberlin
    2. Daddysgums


      Bro all your pics are dope asf your hella hott bro I'd be honered to sag with you anyday you got game you know how to represent and that's sexy as hell bro 

  7. You're either lying, or a porn star
  8. Thanks for your comments. Always nice to get feedback!

    1. steve3ny


      You're welcome...they were really great! :)

  9. I've actually started thinking of getting a Prince Albert. I know it sounds crazy, but from what I've heard they heal up fast and they don't hurt all that much because getting it is so fu*king terrifying you're system's flooded with endorphins by the time the needle goes in. I also found this video. This guy's reaction is hilarious. This video is safe for work... as long as you turn it down
  10. Really? I heard (at least according to Wikipedia ) that the hollow-needle piericings hear faster because they actually make a hole for the piercing instead of just pushing tissue out of the way. They're not used everywhere, though. By the way, Laz, I like the new tounge stud a lot more. It looks less like it was done with and anvil and a big hammer
  11. I'm thinking of getting my ear done. How long does it take a normal lobe peircing to heal? I hear they do it with a hollow needle that's like a tiny version of the thing you use to get the core out of an apple.
  12. No one? No one at all? Oh, well, I guess you're all as sad and lonely as I am I'm guessing that sagging really low in a club would be a place to start?
  13. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice? I've just started college and I'm living on campus, out from my parents' watchful eye for the first time :-). Trouble is, I only figured out I was gay a year or two ago, so I've got zero experience and I'm kinda shy Can anyone offer some tips?
  14. Oh, those are bad, bad lines! Come to think of it, that might be the idea. I would probably start laughting if someone said one of those to me (Do you have some Irish in you? Would you like a little Irish in you?) It would be an icebreaker I suppose
  15. Let's leave aside the civil rights angle for a moment and ask: does no one in Florida realise what a monumental waste of time and money this is? I'm not even going to say that something like "this could only appeal to an untra-conservative fascist" because that's not true. Those people have much better financial sense than that. Also, he's been pushing this for six years? I thought that senators in the US were importatnt, powerful politicians. What is this man doing? And furthermore, how can an educated man be so ignorant as to how education works? He thinks kids won't get into college......
  16. Forget drink driving, THAT'S dangerous! Now I think of it, this happened at my school too. I never did it (way too shy lol) but there was this one guy in 6th year. The story was that he'd put a hole in one of his pockets (we have to wear uniforms here). Any time I looked over at him he had his hand pretty deep in there. In maths, this guy sat between me and the window, and I usually stared out the window when I was bored. He thought I was staring at him, and he knew I was gay. In the last week or so of school I found out he'd spent the last two years terrified of me..... poor guy
  17. Sorry it took me so long to get back. That word is pronounced " shoite" Emphasis on the O and I.
  18. I'm Virgo, and it's ****e I'll let you guess why. On the other hand, I'll be going to college soon PS. Oh, I didn't know they censored swears!
  19. Image (this is just here because it says I need 10 characters)
  20. Y'know, the idea of tucking it under my belt never even occured to me until I was fourteen and found it on the internet? Of course, reaching into your pants, grabbing you **** and pulling it up under your belt without being seen might require more privacy than you have. I remember classes just like that, UBC. They were normally science classes, because they were so boring, and my mind would wander, the way it does when you're fourteen, and I would spend the rest of the class praying it would go down before the bell rang and I had to stand up. I remember I tried everything from biting my tongue
  21. Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. I know Billy Connolly's not to everyone's tastes. As for me, I'm hoping to become a psychologist (big emphasis on 'hoping') So I won't be sagging at work. I do plan to sag in my free time for as long as I can get away with it, however. I only regret I waited until I was 17 to start, and sometimes I think I'm the only person in the country doing it (I'd be very happy to be proved worng). By the way, those are some really nice pics you have up
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