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  1. Hes definitely beautiful hott sag great bod lovely ass
  2. I agree totally with you😳😬😮😲😯🤔 I see someone getting dentention over this lol
  3. I'm currently listening to a little Duran Duran ,inxs,the cars,going 80's today
  4. Studded belt slip on sandals
  5. Like a good blow pop how many licks to get to the center in this case I'd be licking for a hella long time which would be ok by me the grand surprise would be delightful
  6. 👄😗😘🎃 Yum yum
  7. Well I'm always down to see new pics and see hott sexy saggers as yourself and flameboard
  8. I personally love this pic alot with the trains going past you and the joy of taking the pic of another beautiful sagger so I appreciate the pics you've taken of flame Ive watched all his videos on YouTube sexy and classy the new pics of flame were beautifully done and of course having a hott ass and a nice bod going with the nice clothes were also nice
  9. Just got to  say hi to a sexy sagger hi Lee🥰😉😛🤪😚🌞🍌I figured I'd throw the banana in there lol

    1. Lee249


      Is it Ray? I honestly can't remember. Good evening to you man. Well... A banana is edible spanner isn't 😜 x


    2. Daddysgums


      No it's Chris lmao

  10. 👻☠️🤡 Trick or treet Lee you got some candy for daddy lol
  11. Slap on the ass and lending a hand sounds more polite I'd say
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