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  1. What got you back into wearing briefs? We’re you always boxer briefs before or were you a loose boxer guy back in the day?
  2. Briefs until I was 8/9 then a mix of briefs and loose boxers until I was 14, then loose boxers only until I was 20 then boxer briefs, then back to a mix of boxers and boxer briefs at 24 before I switched to mostly briefs with occasional boxers and bbs
  3. Everyone knows that boxer briefs dominate now and most guys of all ages wear them. Also loose boxers seem to have all but disappeared, and here in the UK I feel like they are now seen as the “uncool” underwear and get called dad pants etc. Which is a shame as I still like them. However I have noticed more places have started selling briefs, including shops targeted and younger customers, like Superdry. I don’t see many guys wearing briefs but someone must be buying them, has anyone else noticed briefs becoming more popular? Do you guys see the trends changing any time soon and briefs
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