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  1. Ordered some new Jockey Boxerbriefs today. This will be my first time trying this brand. 

  2. EMK

    Looking for other brands of underwear

    I highly recommend these Hanes boxerbriefs, and they fit similar to the American Eagle brand https://www.hanes.com/ufbbh3.html https://www.hanes.com/hanes-ultimate-trade-mens-comfort-flex-fit-reg-cotton-modal-boxer-briefs-assorted-designs-3-pack.html Hope this helps. EMK
  3. Nice Boxerbriefs! Very Colorful! I’m jealous!
  4. Black sweatpants, blue T-shirt and American Eagle Boxerbriefs
  5. EMK

    What is in your underwear drawer

    For me I have boxer shorts, and boxer briefs, and a couple of pairs of Briefs, that I don’t wear to often. The boxer shorts are mostly American Eagle, and Old Navy, Boxer Briefs are mostly Hanes, and Hanes X-Temp, American Eagle, 2 pairs of Holister boxer Briefs, A couple of pairs of Calvin Klein, 2 pairs of Under Armor, and Champion, and one pair of Ethika.
  6. Blue t-shirt, sweatpants, and red Hanes Boxerbriefs.
  7. EMK

    Khaki Shorts/2XIST Checkerboard Boxer Briefs

    Great Album! I have American Eagle Boxerbriefs that are similar to those.
  8. I’m still stuck in the middle in that respect for now. There are times when I still like to wear boxer shorts verses Boxerbriefs. I wore briefs up until 8th Grade, the I switched to Boxer Shorts.
  9. Thank You! I’m really starting to like wearing Boxerbriefs.
  10. Getting ready to call it a night just wanted to post a photo of me wearing my new Hanes Boxerbriefs that I bought today.
  11. Brand new Hanes X-Temp Boxerbriefs as seen in the photo and Sweatpants
  12. Went shopping and got some new Hanes x-Temp boxer briefs And Hanes boxer briefs today. Photos will be posted soon.

  13. Decided to change things up a bit and wear AE Lighting boxer briefs.

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