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  1. Blue T-shirt, blue sweatpants, and American Eagle Boxershorts
  2. Blue sweatpants, t-shirt, and Hanes Boxerbriefs.
  3. Blue sweatpants and blue Hanes Boxerbriefs and a long sleeve t-Shirt
  4. Morning sag before work
  5. T-shirt blue sweatpants and new Hanes Boxerbriefs
  6. DCF7EE23-D1D2-4CEB-A1F3-F0DF097B948B.thumb.jpeg.5fe1d2365f70b56670624af368b3ba09.jpegGetting ready for a good night sleep. Sagging in sweatpants and new Hanes Boxerbriefs which I highly recommend 

  7. Blue Sweatpants, t-shirt and new Hanes Boxerbriefs. See photo below. They fit great and I highly recommend them.
  8. Grey t shirt, blue sweatpants and green Hanes Boxerbriefs
  9. EMK

    What do you sleep in

    For me it’s usually Boxerbriefs or boxer shorts with sweatpants with a t-shirt.
  10. Black Sweatpants, t-shirt and American Eagle Candy Cane Flannel Boxer Shorts.
  11. Wow! Great Sag! Would love to see more in the gallery.
  12. Grey sweatpants, long sleeve shirt and Blue, red, and white striped Hollister Boxerbriefs.

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