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  1. here’s what I’m currently listening too.
  2. Blue sweatpants and American Eagle boxer briefs
  3. Black puma sweatpants, blue t shirt and American Eagle boxer briefs see photos below to see the AE boxer briefs that I’m currently wearing
  4. Blue t shirt, black puma sweatpants, and blue and white pinstripe American Eagle boxer shorts.
  5. Would love to see those boxers.
  6. EMK

    Favorite pair

    Here are my favorite pairs of boxer shorts and boxer briefs
  7. Blue t shirt, blue sweatpants, and Green and white striped American Eagle Boxerbriefs.
  8. EMK

    Pink underwear

    Yes I do. I wear pink AE boxer briefs, and AE boxer shorts for breast cancer awareness, since I lost my oldest Sister to breast cancer. She was only 37 when she passed away, and I proud to do so.
  9. EMK

    Boxer Briefs and leg length

    just out of curiosity what brand are you looking at? For me I prefer the 6" regular length Boxerbriefs. I do have one pair of the longer length 9" boxerbriefs however.
  10. EMK

    Under Armour

    Hello Everyone, Looking for new underwear to try. Does anyone wear this brand and what are your thoughts and your opinions about this brand? Thanks. EMK
  11. Cold and windy night here in New Jersey so I’m wearing American Eagle boxer shorts, puma sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt. https://www.ae.com/men-aeo-frosty-boxer-blue/web/s-prod/0220_7312_400?cm=sUS-cUSD&catId=cat8640004
  12. EMK

    sexy sagger

    Nice Sag!
  13. Hello Everyone, as some of you know. I finally have made the change to wearing boxer briefs. I wanted to get some opinions about Hanes boxerbriefs in particular so I have a couple questions for the people who have tried this brand before or wears them currently 1. What are the advantages to the X-Temp style besides what is advertised. 2. Which style has a better fit. 4. Which ones would be best to sag in. thanks EMK
  14. EMK

    Boxers vs. Briefs

    I wore briefs until 8th grade and then switched completely to boxer shorts. I tried boxer briefs but wasn’t sure until now. I really like wearing boxer briefs, love having the “support” but also have the legs covered as well and unlike when wearing briefs I feel more comfortable. I never thought that I would like boxerbriefs that much.

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