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    Hi everyone I am 22, Gay and I love my buses and trains. On Saturdays I love to take pictures and possibly videos of them :)
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    Biking, Computing, Sagging, Cinema, Bowling, Bus And Train Spotting
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  1. How you doing?

  2. Where you based mate?

  3. PM ME PLEASE! Wanna keep in touch

    1. DeusBex


      I don't think they're active anymore.

  4. Hello mate, i am based Norfolk, UK. and 26 hbu?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lee249


      He may respond, you don't know that. Sometimes it takes a while because we all lead busy lives & he probably hasn't got around to it yet. Stay positive mate. 

    3. DeusBex


      I was saying that because Luke has posted on his page like several times.

    4. Lee249


      I weren't criticising. Thanks  

  5. Hey, you happy to PM me please? Be nice to chat n hopefully meet

    1. DeusBex


      They're a blank profile. Not sure you'll have much luck.

  6. U based in UK?

    1. DeusBex


      Seeing as he posed in the Florida thread, I doubt it.

  7. Lukey

    where you from?

  8. where you based in uk?

    1. mecenslip


      No in UK. In France 

    2. Lukey


      not far tho... U know lil_thugbxy on instagram, he lives in France mega low sagger

  9. Are you from UK?

  10. I've known on grindr teens wearing nappies ABDL
  11. Are you living in UK?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Lukey


      Norfolk 26 me

    3. DeusBex


      @MyByonce - Why does your profile say Bangkok?

    4. MyByonce


      @DeusBex I lived in Bangkok and then moved to the UK 2 years ago. Now I just updated my profile.

  12. Where in UK are you?

  13. You based in UK?

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