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    Hi everyone I am 22, Gay and I love my buses and trains. On Saturdays I love to take pictures and possibly videos of them :)
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  1. Lukey

    What are you wearing right now?

    cheerz m8....
  2. Lukey

    What are you wearing right now?

  3. Lukey

    Twister challenge

    I agree, I reckon your jeans would certainly do that if I did the twister with you In ma skinnies?
  4. Lukey

    Men's butts

    Agreed, me too mate u just have too otherwise u let urself down lol.
  5. Hi Luke, read your meltdown **** on Facebook mate. Are you alright? Hit me up if you wanna talk. I've finished work now. Cheers, Lee. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lee249


      What made it more disturbing is that those posts were public. If you're feeling down, you should talk to somebody about it. Believe me it helps. Don't give up! There are people with a sympathetic ear who'll listen... Such as me. 

    3. Lukey


      Yeh I know matey. Well I do but as I havn't got a boyfriend yet etc.... Then it is making me feel low n hant got any friends apart from you and 2 others :( 

    4. Lee249


      I'm gonna PM you buddy so we can talk more private. 

  6. Lukey


    Love his sagging nice n low very good.
  7. Lukey


    HOT! love ur sag xx
  8. I sent u a message buddy xx

  9. especially sagging in them mate
  10. No worries. Ok, I had wandered why you hadn't even seen it but hey ho. Speak soon bud. x
  11. I'd happily join ya. As I have put some weight on my jeans slide down as i climb stairs etc.... Be great to buddy up sometime! X
  12. Lukey

    What are you wearing right now?

    Didn't realize you worked in a charity shop
  13. Lukey

    Sagging pants and getting horny

    Ok, sorry Lee Nice well i'm 22. Oh nice, i wish the trend started to pick up alot on the youngsters tbh. Wish I had seen too.
  14. Lukey

    Sagging pants and getting horny

    Lee249, how old was he on the bus u sat near too while he was sagging really low? Mid 20's?

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