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    Hi everyone I am 22, Gay and I love my buses and trains. On Saturdays I love to take pictures and possibly videos of them :)
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    Biking, Computing, Sagging, Cinema, Bowling, Bus And Train Spotting
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  1. WOW JUST WOW Unbelievable... That is HOT Wish I were there
  2. Where in uk u from m8?

  3. u from uk?

    1. Boxboy21


      No, from Austria

  4. WHAT!!! Is he a rough guy?
  5. ok, was curiosity that's all! I have family in Bristol so anytime i'm up that way, ill give u a message yh? Are you on social medias? Right 1 answer could be to get him to double sag to his knees? 2nd, to try each others underwear on
  6. Oooh lucky you m8! I wish I were meeting a sagger or two too. Where you meeting him? I'm bvased in sunny Norfolk u see
  7. Hi m8, u from UK? How old r ya? I'm a keen lad to keep in touch im also gay

  8. Very hot especially in those tight black skinnies
  9. Lukey

    Where ya from?

  10. Lukey


    Hi mate, I'm definitely into face sitting whilst sagging. Hit me up on DM.
  11. Seeing a young guy sagging well low like double sagging too
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