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  1. Please remove the music. It just blocks the whole video in some countries and well ... sagging videos don't need music in my opinion.
  2. Oh i thought about this topic too, some time ago and here is one more. Straight Con: - You have to sail the red sea or anal, if you want to have sex certain weeks, which apparently doesn't apply for gays. - Some girls act weird during those times, of course some guys have those weeks too, but that is definitely not biological.
  3. 23, 80, 185 ... and yeah it's metric system
  4. Yeah i know, but you can't use it permanently without slowing down your connection a lot and switching all the time is annoying as hell.
  5. Seeing you guys posting videos here really depresses me, about 90% of the videos are either blocked for music or country reasons, F**** YOU TUBE!
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