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  1. Black crew socks High top or low top sneakers
  2. Wanted to wish you a merry Christmas 🎄☃️ 

  3. Yes I agree timberlands are awesome, I love mine!
  4. Slides(with socks) Birkenstock sandals, or flip flops
  5. Jammers shoes laces tied or left untied
  6. Hey man I too have a shoe fetish I love all kinds of footwear, even sandals, and boots yes I wear socks it depends either tall socks or ankle socks. I’d love to chat more about shoes. Message me.
  7. Hey man I like sneakers too would you like to chat?

  8. Would you like to chat with me? I love your pictures. 

    1. Lee249


      Aww thanks dude. Drop me a message sometime 👍

  9. Awesome I love sneakers also 

  10. Snowboarding Joggers or skinny jeans
  11. I’m wearing a black Nike shirt, with black Nike joggers(sagging below ass) grey boxer briefs, and Nike slides
  12. I just wake up so horny lol had a really nice dream 

    1. Secretlowsagger03


      Oh really nice I am also horny right now

    2. Lee249


      Ooh did you have wood? 

    3. Secretlowsagger03
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