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  1. They are in college but I am not because u didn’t want to go but they always invite to do stuff with them and I’m always at their campus:) I love them so much basically I love their asses
  2. All the time but not a very high one. wish you could see cause we all know you LOVE wedgies. They usually wedgie like this (sometimes more) and i do it to them back all the time even harder. One time i ripped ine of my homies underwear so know i know not no go that hard
  3. I always use to pantsed people and people have pantsed me it what got me in to sagging my friends still do it even more that I sag
  4. Guys does beefcakehunter have any good sags or nah

    1. H.D


      i remember there being one with a guy sagging

    2. Localsagger782


      The only one I remember doing it is Alexander 

    3. saggydaddy


      thanks guys i kust saw a tiktok about some guy name Caleb Ohioan who apparently sagged?

  5. I personally sag just right under my ass so my bf can get a good look but like what do y’all do?
  6. Well I was in high school sagging with hot pink underwear and my friend who was the was the quarterback ripped my underwear up so much I moaned
  7. i like getting wedgie especially when im sagging
  8. Did you sag with your friends in school

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    2. saggydaddy


      i really need a friend who sags so i can hit his ass so hard

    3. Neverstopsaggingsexy


      And why is that? 

    4. saggydaddy


      bc idk i like big butts

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