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  1. Thanks for the comments guys! before i started to put these tips into consideration, I decided to just sag like low, but that low, for the whole school day. Literally there were no stares, no comments, it's like the teachers were used to this and honestly couldn't care less which was shocking, I even sagged just a bit lower than usual at the middle of the school day, and even with me passing like 2 or 3 Saggers the whole day, they didn't seem to mind either. There are certain teachers who I've heard who said they don't want to see stuff like that but, I don't thi
  2. No, It would start in September which isnt to far from July. it ended early july. @Denimsag
  3. Hm, probably would but there isn't anything saying you can or can't sag in the school anywhere. So maybe it could be allowed but they just don't care.
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