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  1. Well...that escalated quickly, and for no reason. lol Why so much hate? Most of the people who responded to you are gay, so why is *this* the fight you're trying to pick??? If you want to have an actual conversation here, then just do that - ask a general question WITHOUT insulting anyone's intelligence. Instead, you gave a very specific scenario about you and your boss, therefore, you got the responses that you did. Don't try to hide behind making this an academic exercise now, Mr. Psych major. It's clearly disingenuous, and slightly manipulative. Not cool man. If your degree requi
  2. I may be misunderstanding, but what exactly are you confused about? Also, what are you hoping to achieve by talking to him about it? I'm a straight guy who sags, and if someone said "hey, I like your style." I would probably just say "thanks" and move on. It wouldn't lead to a longer conversation. If I was pressed to a longer conversation, especially if it's about my boxers, it could get awkward pretty quickly. lol I like talking about clothes and especially shoes, so I personally wouldnt be offended, but I think I'm more open than most dudes. I'm just not sure you're gonna get the out
  3. I don't know I they're the baggiest or not, but I have been wearing size 66 501s lately. My real waist is 42/44.
  4. Definitely not as popular as they use to be, but I still see them, and wear them sometimes. I classic pair of polo boxers will always be around I think. Every time I'm in NY, I see designer belts sagged with polo drawers.
  5. I've never forgotten my belt (my pants are WAY too big for that) but I have had a belt break on me while I was out before!! lol It was a braided belt that I had since high school, and it just wore out...at the wrong time!! I sometimes hold my pants up with one hand anyway, but with no belt, it would not have looked good with the fit I was wearing. Luckily, my key chain saved my life! I used the key chain to link a few of the belt loops in the front, so my pants would still hang on my thighs if I held them with one hand. It was funny at the time, but I can laugh about it now!
  6. I sag because I think it looks cool too, and looks good on me. Also, I've been doing it since I was 12, so it feels comfortable with really BIG baggy jeans. I usually sag about mid thigh. Lower if my shirt is really long. Gotta make sure the back pockets are lower than the bottom of the shirt so they can be seen.
  7. come here http://tinychat.com/lowridersagger the password is lowrider83 invite others as well

  8. Baggy bball shorts for me too. YEP, I sag in my sleep! haha
  9. It's meant to be a joke. He talks about what girls say about saggers (which is the opposite of what they say when Justin Bieber sags), different levels of sagging which he gives "clever" names to, and pranks your friends may pull on you if you sag. Not that entertaining for me but maybe I'd feel differently if I was his age? lol
  10. Yeah, baggy jeans bigger than 52 are gonna be hard to find. Even harder now than maybe 5 years ago since baggy jeans just aren't as popular as they used to be. They're not jeans, but if you like dickies, you can get loose fit (which is pretty baggy) up to size 58. I got some myself.
  11. Yeah, that's how they do it in Atlanta. As long as your boxers are long enough, I don't think its too low.
  12. THIS ^^ is exactly how I feel about it. Also, since saggin isnt nearly as popular as it was 5-10 years ago, especially for dudes who like baggy jeans (man I miss high school! lol) it's cool to see that I'm not the only person who still enjoys it.
  13. I look, just to see what they're wearing. If there gear works, how everything flows, what their shoe game is like. I'm a sneakerhead so the shoes are important! lol I especially pay attention if someone's style is similar to mine. Not too many dudes still rock baggy gear so I'll definitely stop and look then.
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